Welcome to the Gallery

Well, everyone else on the planet seems to have a blog, so why the hell not me right? This is my personal page which highlights my current projects, struggles, achievements and… all that stuff. Mainly the purpose of this page is to act as more of an overall play by play of various things in the making, as well as a place for me to post a variety of interesting content and commentary pieces pertaining to Skyrim modding.

As those of you who have found your way here are likely to already know, my pet project since March 2014 has been “Legacy of the Dragonborn”, a massive DLC sized expansion for Skyrim. Now for those of you not familiar with the gallery, I assure you I do not use this term loosely. So many folks in modding (like those “master painted” painters in the table top minis world) tend to use the term very loosely. When I say DLC sized I mean DLC sized. This mod combines dozens of other contributed mods, creates dozens of new quests, adds hundreds of new items and adds hundreds of additional hours of play by adding incentive to explore all base content as well as new content. The mod offers a vast level of integrated support for a wide range of popular mods to add more displays and more achievements to view in the gallery.

But I digress. This post was not really to sell you on Legacy (as I call it for short), I’ll let the mod page itself do that. My intention with this page is primarily to create more exposure for my projects and also create a sort of hub for information on my work and to provide links for ways to help promote and support my efforts. I greatly appreciate your comments and ALWAYS love when you spread the word to others about my work, but I also love to see your donations (no matter the size) as they are a great extra reward for the work I’ve put in and incentive to continue to fine tune it and perfect it.

So this all said I will be writing a variety of articles to give you some back story about the inception of Legacy, it’s early days and how it came to be the massive achievement it is (not to pat myself on the back though but I will at least a little bit). I’ll also provide some articles on my own insights into modding and some key things that I have learned that I wish would have been more apparent when I first learned them.

So thank you all for your interest and continued support!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Gallery

  1. what a mod…. I love it!!! I have gotten so much pleasure from this mod, it has renewed the game for me. Thank you!


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