Building a guild

As this project has grown over the last year, I’ve reached out for help, gotten offers for aid in various areas and together with the help of a few key folks, managed to overcome a lot of challenges and expand into new territories and features for the game which in turn has yielded new ideas and new things to build.

In the spirit of V13’s introduction of the explorer’s guild I want to start to open Legacy of the Dragonborn as a community project in a limited way. This is something I probably should have done some time ago in a more direct fashion, but now I feel it is even more pertinent with the end of V13’s beta cycle and the official “completion” of the Legacy arc of this mod.

Most of you know of my plans to continue to build the story with the Odyssey of the Dragonborn expansions (See FORUM POST here). We’ve already got the ball rolling on many elements but much more work is to come. I’d like to offer up positions to folks who are interested in helping with Legacy and Odyssey as we continue to flesh out Legacy and plan for Odyssey.

I’m not really looking to fill any particular roles, more that I am looking for folks who have time and interest in contributing their particular talents and then in turn find a way to put that to use in finishing Legacy and planning for Odyssey. So anyone who is interested, feel free to contact me via PM on the Nexus and let me know what you can and would like to help with and I’ll see where it can best be put to use.


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