The Road Ahead

It’s been a long journey since March of 2014 when I began Legacy, then known as Dragonborn Gallery. I’ve learned a metic crap load of skills along the way and Legacy has become a true achievement. This week, the final version of legacy will be released (yet updates will of course still come). It will then be a stable platform for continues projects in my “Odyssey of the Dragonborn” campaign, but before that, a little mercenary work…

After Legacy final is posted I will be cleaning up a few loose ends with MyBad who has been working all year on the Isle of Balfiera where Direnni tower aka adamantia resides. He has made a ton of custom architecture and the island will be well populated in the end, but this project is still a long ways from done. I need to finish up with some navmesh and LOD work for him before moving on to a couple other projects helping folks.

Firstly I will be building dungeons and a quest for Jerros’ “Lost Paladins of the Divine” armor mod, which was released for Oblivion originally and the models recreated for Skyrim.

After that I will be undertaking to take over development of Druid Den Collector’s edition from Saerileth who doesn’t have the time to work on it for awhile. I’ll be fixing some bugs, finishing some to do stuff and adding a few of my own flares to it, then handing it over to my prodige JayShaydo who is just learning to mod so hecan add some more content to it.

Next on the list is my “Bolar’s Retreat” mod which is a lavished yet rustic home that you can have built in Bloated man’s grotto which offers a high level of interactivity and immersion with extensive sorting and display functions, controllable lighting and day/night cycle plus a ton of other features.

I also have several other ideas for some smaller and even large scale mods.

  • Shalidor’s stone: a small quest mod centered around discovering the lost stone of shalidor which is an equip-able item that when used will recharge your magicka entirely and give a regenerate magicka boost for a short time. The stone will hold charges which are added by expelling soul gems into it. When it runs out, the glow within the stone will fade until you charge it again.
  • Disenchanting font: There are a few DE font mods out there but none of them seem to function very well. I think I have found a solid way of making the font work with the version in legacy and in bolar’s retreat and want to undertake adding these next to most enchanting stations in the game. The font will not DE vanilla enchanted items other than unique ones and will DE items you have enchanted. I have found some items that for whatever reason will not DE, but maybe by the time I get around to it, I may find a solution.
  • The Scourge of Skyrim: This is a larger scale project that may well have been done already so I may have to look into it. The premise is that you are a villain and all your “heroic” efforts are merely to maintain your own power and keep other baddies from cutting in on your action. It starts with a bounty notice for a bandit leader. You go in and kill the leader, and a bunch of his men but find a group of them remaining and see how nice their hideout location is (along a river in a gorge) and decide you will knock them into shape and take over as the boss. You start with raids on traveling merchants, work up to small homesteads, settlements, forts and eventually take over a city, all the while expanding the hideout along the river which starts as a shack and a small cave and ends up as a lavished hideout and fully working mine. You create additional bandit cells, slaughter opposing bandits or absorb them, quell mutinies among your ranks, thwart invading adventurers and their companions, mercenaries, town guards and imperial forces that try and attack your outposts and main base. Main plot has a good twist and you get lots and lots of loot as you build your empire.
  • Legendary crafting: This mod will allow you to create unique items in a variety of crafting trades which require high levels of skill, multiple unique components and quests to attain them. Each will allow for a single creation of the item and requires a unique book for each item. These items will be unique in nature, have scripted and inherent abilities and be well worth the trouble of maxing out your skills to make them. One idea off hand is an evolved form of dawnbreaker called Meridia’s light using a fantastic sword model, the name of which escapes me at the moment, but will require dawnbreaker as a component and yield a stronger version. Another idea is a unique staff called Stormcaller which casts lighting, gives a shroud cloak ability and summons bad weather when equipped (calling down lighting on foes like the shout does). I also will include the hand of glory in this mod as well. Another is the “elixir of life” which restores your health, magica and stamina entirely, makes you invincible for a short period of time, and when that wears off gives you a massive amount of health points but prevents you from being healed (natural or magical) until your health falls back to normal. The elixir can only be created one at a time and has a cooldown on how often it can be made.

So that’s the gist of my ideas at the moment


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