The Long Road Behind

It’s always sobering when on a long journey the view to the end is shorter than the view of where you came from, even more so when you can’t even see the beginning any longer. I finally have come to that juncture in my development of Legacy of the Dragonborn where I can finally see in full resolution what the end result will be. Legacy has always been a work in progress and I’ve always represented it as such, but there will be a thrill when I finally say ‘I have done everything I want to do with this mod and accomplished everything I set out to do’. I have said on a few occasions that Legacy was ‘Done’ and then turned around and continued to work on it, but damnit, this time I mean it!

With the release of V15 Legacy has taken solid footing in its core concepts and functions and managed to polish up other cursory elements and even fix a few long term bugs or challenges, and come V15.2 I would be comfortable in saying that Legacy could be done here and now. However we know me better than that. This is just a check point, a save spot if you will where I can wash my hands of the recent challenges and step up and give myself more work to do with Legacy. However this is not an article about where I am going in the future. This is an article about where I have been. for future plans and the completion of Legacy see the Article on my mod page.

Back in my It Belongs in a Museum article I went into a pretty good amount of detail concerning early development of Legacy which extended through to V13.3 which is when I wrote that article, so I suppose picking up from that point and continuing onward would make sense.

V13 was quite the ride and I knew right from the get go that I had too many ideas to safely implement them in a “Safe to upgrade” fashion. So I strapped on the helmet and charged ahead with the disclaimer that updating would require restarts. I began to organize the community who supported Legacy in a way that began to create structure. I found that V13 is probably when most of the ongoing supporters and helpers came out of the wood works and volunteered to help with things. I went from being a one man show to assigning tasks, and it felt good, not only to have the help, but also to see that people loved Legacy enough to put time and energy of their own into it for other people’s behalf as well as their own.

Once v13 completed I was thrilled to once again have a solid polished version in V14 which I deemed the “Final” cut of legacy. Pardon me while I chuckle.

I said maybe by V14.6 we’d be done and done. .6 came and went, then .7 .8 to fix the issues in .6 and .7 and so on and so forth until V14.11. During V14 I established that I would not require a restart unless direly necessary and was able to stick to that commitment which I am very happy about. I found that a handful of zealous fan congealed into a small band of dedicated helpers and by the end of V14 I came to think of these folks as my development team. The Wiki Page was created by a fan and passed on to other fans who have done an amazing job, completely untouched by me, and I’m so happy for it. I still get giddy when I watch the mXr review of legacy from V14 and thrill to think if there will be any others coming down the pipe once I officially wrap.Legacy.

The hardest part for me is where I stand now at a crossroad. I’ve been forever reluctant to close that door on Legacy and truly declare it finished but I think I finally have the resolve and motivation to do so. Looking back I can honestly say that thus far I have achieved everything I set out to do and then some. In the last two generations we have doubled the display count, made things more comprehensive and more efficient, and offered new and exciting features I never would have thought of originally.

V14 was supposed to be a debug and polish up effort but instead ended up being an expansion venture and now V15 is truly the polishing generation of the mod. V15.2 will mark the holding point for Legacy for the next couple months as I handle a couple other commitments with Druid’s Den, Skyrim’s Unique Treasures, Odyssey Act 1 and maybe even a little R&R to work on Bolar’s Retreat, my luxurious yet rustic retirement player home. The final stretch of Legacy will be to implement my explorer’s expansion which offers a great number of new features. As such I’m sure there will be a period of patching and fixing and debugging but within an update or two after, I will close that door on Legacy and declare it 100% complete.

Then the real work begins…


One thought on “The Long Road Behind

  1. Once again I would like to thank you for this utterly astounding mod that has breathed a whole, fresh new life into my Skyrim play probably for the next year at least. 🙂 I very much look forward to the completion of V15.2 to start my new play-through (because I’m lazy and don’t want to clean scripts and update patches). As a worshiper of your mod, I wonder if it might be possible to pursue the Explorer’s Upgrade as an add-on or even separate mod that can later be added to Legacy, rather than having to upgrade Legacy and possibly do script cleaning and all that… as I see from comments on Legacy how difficult this proves to be for folks. Something that maybe is a standalone mod even, that can be specially patched into Legacy as has been done in other mods. Just a thought, I’m sure you’ll do it in the most awesome way possible. Good luck!


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