A nice retreat

Well I finally lost my mind a little bit and had to pull myself away from Legacy kicking and screaming because of the torrent of issues with upgrading and the release of V15.2 But finally it’s in a stable state and I too must likewise seek to be in a stable state as well. so enter Bolar’s retreat. This is the first peek into my ongoing pet project which has turned literally into retreat refuge for myself when things get tough with Legacy and other projects. There is no stress here and no deadlines, just development for the sake of my own affirmation. This mod is really a dear project and really a true work of art in its own right. I’ve made a lot of efforts already to make this mod something special. Every little thing that you think you can interact with, you can; every light source can be lit or blown out, every feature like the fountain or stove top turned on and off and lots of other great features, too many to list.

This mod offers a luxurious yet rustic retreat for your character with an emphasis on role playing living, crafting, cooking, relaxing, and less about displaying items (we have a whole museum for that after all) With full day and night cycle light schemes on the interior, supply sorting and Druid’s Den style supply storage and display systems

So without further ado, the first pics of Bolar’s Retreat.


2 thoughts on “A nice retreat

  1. Wow this looks amazing Ice. I cant wait to walk into this tranquil peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of adventuring.
    I know it will be a while before it is ready to move into as the architect and his crew are extremely busy completing a work of art at the moment, but after studying the blueprints and projected build images I am ever so excited for the opportunity to own such a wonderful home.
    Your creations are truly the work of a master craftsman. Many many thanks for all the effort, time, and the blood sweat and tears you pour into your work, it has made Skyrim alive and new once more.
    Even more thanks than I can fit on the page (and maybe a big hug if you didnt mind)
    May you ever continue to shine,

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