Relic Hunter – the Legacy reborn

So time, thought, and observation has given rise to new inspiration that I have been rattling around in the back of my head for some time. I’ve long been implored by some users to make a light version of Legacy which I have long been skeptical of but Chesko’s Campfire mod’s recent split off as a platform for Frostfall and other mods to run on got me thinking more. I’ve loved the Explorer’s Guild but I feel like there is a lot lacking since you start as the leader, and there have always been a lot of ideas I’ve had for it that just don’t fit given the setup of the guild.

Enter Relic Hunter my new idea for a pure faction based mod, centered around the Explorer’s Society. This mod would feature a pre-existing Explorer’s Guild house, much larger than the one in Legacy (site to be determined) and with a different and new assortment of NPC’s though you will probably see a transplant of the original explorer’s as well.

The idea would be to either stumble upon the guildhouse or upon finding an artifact, be approached by an NPC while it is in your possession. They would tell you that the Explorer’s Society is looking for it and you should seek them out.

You would join at the bottom level as a digger and would go through a series of relic seeking quests in order to advance your rank. At “Explorer” rank you would be able to make discoveries of special sites on your own and also bring along other explorers of equal or lesser rank as followers who would provide special bonuses based on their field of expertise. Some quests would provide direct markers, while others would require ingenuity from the player to read up on topics or ask around with other guild members, who may actually provide a possible marker for the item. There would be random relic hunt quests, unique monster hunt quests, excavations and more.

The guild house would be greatly expanded from the Legacy version, providing an Inn/Trading Post for the guild quartermaster, with beds for travelers to rent, a fully outfitted workshop with all the amenities of Legacy’s safe house, and finally an Explorer’s Society trophy room where all unique relics can be displayed. This basement display room would be a small series of rooms which display all unique weapons and armor of importance. There would be no collections however or displays for quest items or displays for achievements. This would be a pure relic collection of key Tamrielic artifacts.

The trophy room would also be supported mod ready, allowing new artifact collections to be integrated in the same way they are in Legacy, adding extra rooms and displays when they are enabled in your load order.

The trophy room would also be equipped with a gallery for re-assembled archeological finds, reassembled at the archeology station. The options and number of artifacts would also likely be expanded.

Further advancement in the guild will lead you to the role of Chief Archeologist, where you would be able to start planning your own excavation to a number of sites, and eventual progression to becoming the new guild master in the end.

Relic Hunter would also include the Archeology Perk system

Needless to say, this mod will not be compatible with Legacy itself, as I have no intention of rebuilding Legacy to require Relic Hunter has a base platform like Frostfall and Campfire have. Instead, this mod would be a stand alone alternative to Legacy which bypasses the epic Dragonborn theme and allows you to play a pure Relic Hunter character, allowing for better support of integrated weapon and armor mods which do not already have quests with them, otherwise support will be set up for existing artifact quest mods. EX: Noble Artifacts simply places them all into a chest. In Relic Hunter they would be integrated and used in quests. While the Daedric Crescent mod or Frank Family’s artifacts of Nocturnal mod DO have questlines attached and therefore would not be integrated as some have in Legacy, but instead set up for pure support.

Am I insane? Yes. Am I doing this instead of Odyssey? No. This is another of those projects which I will mull over for some time and eventually jump into both feet, but not until Odyssey is well underway.


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