The End of the Tour

Tonight I posted V16 final edition of Legacy of the Dragonborn. Does that mean I’m done with it? Of course not. As I’ve quoted many times before “A true work of art is never truly finished” Legacy will continue to grow and evolve over time, but tonight marks the end of a two and a half year long full time job (literally) and a commitment to finalize what is disputably one of the greatest and largest mods for Skryim ever conceived. Now I’m not usually one to toot my own horn, but I think after this long fought journey I’ve earned a few bragging rights.

To date, the creation kit has been running for over 14,000 hours and even though that includes overnight and AFK run time, I have probably recouped that time with the use of all the other numerous utilities it takes to make mods.

From day one I have been endlessly astounded by the great community that was sprouting up in support of Legacy. Even from the humble beginnings, Legacy seemed to draw a group of fervent and devout supporters and in all this time I can only think of less than half a dozen people who really were so unreasonable they had to get the boot. It was also always amusing to me how I would barely have to lift a finger so to speak because of the ravenous fans who would jump to the defense of this mod.

Eventually the mod began to spiral out of my control, and without reaching out, support seemed to crop up around me and fill the need for various elements of support. To date legacy not only has a Wiki page, but also has a Spanish translation of the Wiki as well! It has a patch page that is entirely administered by a handful of devoted fans without any real involvement from myself, A fully programmed FOMOD installer and has had over 95 updates.

I could go on and on about how far we have come and list all the wonderful things people have done to help me in the development of this mod, but I think ultimately the best evidence is in the mod itself. Legacy is a well oiled machine, due in large part to the efforts of its supporters in creating patches, typo fixes, volunteering for voice acting roles, pointing out lists of bugs, comment page moderation and tech support, wiki administration, and much much more, so enjoy Legacy of the Dragonborn V16, because you folks who have helped along the road have aided to make it what it is today, and have paved the road for what is to come tomorrow.

Thank you.


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