The Odyssey Begins: Part 2

Tried doing a rebuild of LOD yesterday and ended up with wondrous hills of purple, and I hadn’t planted a single mountain flower and trees would jump out at me like they were doping out of an invisibility potion in order to attack me, so needless to say, something had to be done.

So a little reading, a bit of trial and error and shaking the dust off my old LOD skills which have gone unused for some time (and the helpful response to a forum post), I have managed to get landscape and tree LOD working perfectly! Now comes the REALLY long task of making LOD versions of major landmarks such as the direnni tower and fortress and the surrounding ruins and town, etc as most of the models you will find are at very least custom retextured forms or new custom models. Ultimately when it is done, it will be something to behold.

Here you will see a couple screen shots of the Ada mantia approach with great custom models by MyBad. It’s starting to come together for sure 🙂



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