The Odyssey Begins: Part 3

So I hopped into my Delorian and went back in time two days… yes that’s right the CK corrupted all the poor pine trees I had planted over the last two days. There is this lovely bug in the CK where if you are doing LOD landscape generation it will occasionally decide to flatten every quad of landscape into random floating plates of land broken at the borders from each other AND to boot it then secretly auto saves for some reason… I hate you Creation kit, I truly do.

it’s pretty odd how we as mod authors have such a love hate relationship with the CK, and at times it feels like the CK is sentient and trying to screw with us at times. It seems to go out of its way to defy it’s own coding logic JUST to mess with us. Ho Hum.

So I decided yesterday to shift focus into an equally infuriating aspect of development: Region Generation. The region generation system is a very powerful tool which allows you to seed worldspaces with virtually anything automatically. Static objects, critter generators, landscape texture, weather, even sound and music. The problem is that you have to work with tiny little sections of your worldspace at a time, So my 25 X 25 cell island has to be broken down into 16 cell blocks (26 of them) and each generated separately. I guess it must be an inherent system resource issue and if I had a metric crap load of ram and a better processor and maybe even a better video card (though I doubt that would help) it might work more stably.

Ultimately after trying to generate the entire island with ferns and waiting fir 5 hours thinking that the stall was just it continuing to work, I resigned myself to shut it down and go to bed. Couldn’t sleep so I got back up and portioned everything into separate sections and each of those seem to generate properly now. So now I have to just play around with all the multitude of radius, density, clustering levels and the like to get a natural spread of random ferns in small families and a few random plants and clusters here and there, but it will in the end work much faster than doing it all by hand. I will of course have to still go in and manually adjust most of what it generates, but I will not have to hand place and randomize things myself which is nice.

I tore out the LOD for now because I will just have to regenerate it again later anyways. After I get the trees and rocks and foliage all generated I have a rather brutal task ahead which is to create alternate LOD models for all of the custom objects in the worldspace (ehhhhccck). So wish me luck there 🙂


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