The Odyssey Begins: Part 4

After a several days of defeats, it’s nice to be able to report a resounding victory. I have finally successfully done full region generation for all the ferns on the island and am in the midst of tree populating and have developed a solid workflow for it. I’m keeping backups as I go so I will have a solid library of steps along the way to revert to if things go awry.

I’ve also discovered that Mybad generated the island itself to be the same size as Solsthiem! No wonder generation has been difficult, it’s huge. Only issue is that Balfiera prime is only about 1/4 of the size of Solsthiem in reality (oops) oh well, I don’t think people will begrudge having more area to explore, plus this island is going to be the stage for a couple sections of Odyssey so it will certainly exceed it’s usefulness beyond act 1.

I’ve also decided that I am going to complete the additional islands in the chain at some point during development but I may simply add them later as additional worldspaces and transport between the islands will be by ferry boat, which will function in the same manner as carriages do. There are about a half dozen towns throughout the chain, but I need to do some research on their exact positions and try and get an overhead map of the island working. At the moment it’s vexing me.

So for now, it’s plant more trees, thin key areas, move stuff up off the coast that are too far down and run Verteirion’s handy dandy script for randomizing tree rotation and angle, which the stupid CK apparently won’t do even though it has settings to do so. Then it’s on to object LOD model work which will be time consuming.


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