The Odyssey Begins: Part 6 (trapped in Ogygia)

Just as Odysseus was trapped by Calypso on the isle of Ogygia for seven years, so too do I find myself trapped in another way. I’ve taken a brief break due to extensive remodeling jobs and a renewed interest in actually PLAYING Skyrim. I know, I half forgot it was a game I could play lol. At any rate. I felt vindicated in my success with getting trees and ferns and plants galore planted around the Isle of Balfiera and was getting tired of hand fixing and decided that I deserved a bit of a rest.

In the meantime I have completed V16.8 update for Legacy which includes two new explorer relics and a slew of supported mod features, so you should certainly check it out.

Also, I finally bit the bullet and established a Patreon account, which I am very excited about and in less than 48 hours I already have gotten amazing response and support from my community of fans and supporters, so thank you!

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today, so depending on how wiped out I feel from the next few days of jobs, I may or may not jump back into Odyssey in the next few days but certainly before the end of the week.

Additionally you will be able to find teasers for Odyssey posted on my Patreon page periodically.



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