Shifting Tides

So I’ve been at an inspirational stand still with Odyssey a little bit mostly because world creation and setting the stage for where to tell the story at hand has often felt like work to me, it’s definitely not my strong area in concerns to motivation. More importantly I have been enjoying a long playthrough of Legacy for the first time EVER. I’ve had some other characters over the last couple years but all have become broken because of the vast and extensive updating I have done during play. This time however, Legacy has been more or less finished and stable with a few tweaks and fixes here and there and My V16.0 starting character has survived with all features and quests intact up to V16.10 (well all but a broken raw food container that doesn’t receive items properly).

My intention has always been that after I finish all of my Legacy content and most of my playthrough I will return to work on Odyssey, however at this point I am starting to feel like I have a more pressing matter to consider with the impending arrival of Skyrim Special Edition (SSE).

I’ve been pretty clear from day 1 that Legacy will get an update for SSE once SKSE is updated and I can confirm all functions needed for Legacy will be supported. However, the larger issue which I have completely neglected to contemplate before now is the question ‘Do I support more than one version of Legacy?’ There will surely be a lot of players who will shift over to SSE when it comes out to be sure, and frankly EVERY player of Legacy will qualify for a free copy of it because Legacy requires all of the DLC’s (well assuming you all have legitimate copies of the DLC’s that is). But there will be a sect of players who stay behind for whatever reason be it technical or what not, but the idea of updating and supporting two separate versions of legacy is unfathomable to me and would be way too much work.

So after much thought and consideration I’ve come to this conclusion. After V16.10 is posted, I intend to make a number of changes to the core of how legacy works, special updates and a few minor additions, will weed the ESP of unneeded forms, and will strip the package of unneeded files which have erroneously been included for whatever reason during the insane updating schedule I have had over the last couple years. I will also more than likely pack the majority of files into a BSA (whatever I can manage to fit) and leave the rest loose. This final package will be Legacy of the Dragonborn V17FINAL and will no longer receive any updates of any kind. This will be the definitive and final incarnation of Legacy of the Dragonborn for original Skyrim.

Once SKSE SSE beta becomes available I will begin converting V17 to SSE and reviewing all critical functionality and will release “Legacy of the Dragonborn: Remastered V1” for SSE and will continue to support and update it as I have the original for the past couple years. The real issue is how to continue to maintain my community? The Legacy of the Dragonborn thread has more replies than any other mod page on the nexus other than Requiem and is easily the most active post I would say. So abandoning that to migrate to a new mod page just seems odd to me. Bottom line however; one of the comment pages has to go. I cannot divide my attention between the two pages and do proper support for Legacy SSE and still have to check back to the original page. So I think what I am going to do is disable commenting on the SSE page and direct all comment traffic back to the original mod page where I can continue to maintain the vast resources we have accumulated. This idea may evolve, but we’ll see how things go.

Until then, here is my list of intended changes for Legacy of the Dragonborn Remastered

  • Clean the ESP of unused assets
  • Purge erroneous and superfluous files from the Legacy package
  • Condense into BSA format if possible, leave textures loose if need be.
  • Wider spread between museum rewards. Instead of every 25 displays, Auryen will award reward relics every 50 displays instead. This will space out the rewards to the 500 mark.
  • Shattered legacy will be available at 500 displays instead of 275: The sword of ancient tongues is powerful, and the quest requires you to delve into some pretty powerful areas including completing dragonborn. Most folks end up doing the first half of Shattered Legacy and then waiting for several levels before doing the Dragonborn content. This delay in starting the quest will be better for pacing. Likewise the difficulty level of shattered legacy content will be increased.
  • New dungeon for Raven’s Rest: Raven’s Rest has always been my lazy cop out. I used the first section of Dragon’s Fall as the dungeon and it deserves it’s own unique dungeon.
  • The museum Heist and haunted museum quests will no longer require shattered legacy to begin and complete them. Instead, the heist will occur 10 days after Avram becomes available (at 200 displays), and the haunted museum quest will happen 10 days after reaching 300 displays. Neither of these quests has any pertinent content that is relevant to any quest other than minor things.
  • The spirit of adventure achievement display in the hall of oddities will enable at 500 displays rather than 300.
  • Non relic hunter start revision: This is possibly the largest overhaul of the structure I’ll be undertaking. Instead of stumbling into the museum and being immediately recruited into helping Auryen as an equal partner, instead you will be hired to find specific relics via the Finder’s keepers repeatable radiant quest. Each time you turn in an artifact it will be automatically displayed and you will immediately get another assignment. After you have gathered 10 items (which can be adjusted via the MCM menu to between 5 and 25), Auryen will proposition you to become the full time Relic hunter for the museum. After 50 displays is reached you gain access to the safe house. At 100 the sell cart will enable (it will be disabled prior to obtaining automated selling for it)
  • Explorer’s society quest priority changes: The focus on the explorer’s society will be made more prevalent and allow you to access it much earlier. At 150 displays, Auryen will offer the option to begin it. And at 250 (and the heist having been done), the windcaller pass excavation will unlock. At 350 (and at least 30 days after windcaller pass) the Rkund excavation will be available. Trial of Trinimac will be available at 450 displays and 30 days after Rkund and after Much Ado is finished and I’ll be adding in a hint to send you to the greenwall cave to start it by way of a dream when sleeping once it is available.
  • Added Explorer’s content: A special option to send explorers out to… well, explore will be available. This will send the NPC out for a few days and when they return they will add various items to a chest the player can loot. Basically a way to accumulate the items they gain while being followers, but without having to tag along with you. All of them will also yield fragments.
  • Auryen will give a guided tour a few days a week at specific times, additional lines will add to the scenes depending on what you have displayed.
  • Archeology dig sites will be available from the start of game! A message will pop up the first time you use a dig site that explains what it is and that the fragments could be useful later on. Once you recruit marassi (or reach 25 archeology skill, whichever is first), the archeology station in the library will enable. Perk system will still depend on the guild house being built, but will probably not tie in with Marassi’s recruitment.

TLDR: Less unused files and assets, Explorer guild available sooner, Shattered legacy no longer the gate lock to other content, Shattered Legacy starts later, Other quests start sooner, rewards spaced out more, More gradual progression to join the museum, Auryen gives guided tours.

That’s it for now, more to come on this article as I identify exactly what I want to achieve with this revision.


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