Another day… another donut

…sans donut sadly. I figure today is a good day to post an update don’t you? The start of the final month of the year and we’re bearing down on some momentous milestones. V17 beta for Legacy of the Dragonborn is now open for testing. If you would like to participate, simply PM me on Nexus and I will send you a link. The deadline for reporting is December 20th which will give me a few more days to wrap it up for X-mas (heh puns). I intend to release V17 final before the end of the year but I really need your help to ensure that the core features are running smoothly because I would really like to be able to put V17 to bed and move on to other things.

Among those things are Bolar’s Retreat which is really starting to take form. I migrated it fully over to Special Edition and have been tinkering away at it a bit this week and it’s looking really sharp. I have added two outbuildings off the main house. One is The Clubhouse which is a decent sized room for the kids with 6 beds, featuring a bunk-like setup. It attaches to the wall of the cavern and inside cuts into a small cave which the kids can play around in. The second is The watchhouse which is a guard station for your followers with 8 beds. I am doing a lot of work to implement Druids Den-esc “living displays” of incidental objects like food and dinnerware, etc and it’s coming along nicely. The nice thing too is that the script variants I am using will not require SKSE, so it will be released sooner rather than later.

Additionally I am working with Pelopida to finish up my new Thane Weapons Reborn mod which replaces the generically generated leveled enchanted items with a thane-ish label with actual unique artifacts that are inherently leveled based on the region they hail from (eg whiterun has a weaker weapon than solitude which is more dangerous). They will each have no enchantments but be set with higher charge values for better potency when you enchant them. They will also have extra stats above their base forms and each have some additional ability attached via script. This mod will be released as a stand alone mod and Legacy will have built in support for it so the displays in the armory will convert to accommodate them. There will also be a console command to exchange all thane weapons you have with the new modded ones.

As far as Odyssey is concerned, if I can wrap Legacy and release Thane Weapons Reborn by the end of the year, I’ll likely jump back in with Odyssey’s next phase. I finished the initial region gen for Balfiera and packaged the resources to send back to MyBad, so once I check in where he’s at, we’ll have a better idea of where we stand on development. We are still currently working in Skyrim Classic and I have not set in stone that it will be an SSE exclusive simply because my feelings on it are shifting back and forth about it. Since SSE has proven to be less than optimal like it promised, I may end up sticking with classic for the time being for Odyssey since it has more utilities, better workarounds and the process for most things is fluid and has well developed means. Plus having SKSE all ready is a big plus.

More news to come as things develop. So, to everyone out there, have a nice holiday season however you celebrate it.


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