Year in review

With the close of 2016 just a few days away, one tends to reflect on the ups and down of the previous year. So for me, this is my greatest hits review of the past year in my modding life

As of this article, Legacy has just surpassed 11,000 endorsements! I can hardly believe it’s gotten as much support as it has. I’m humbled and honored by it. Over 2 million page views and encroaching upon half a million downloads and 80k unique users, and not to mention over 45,000 comment page posts (being the second most posted on page after requiem); are no slouches either.

As of this moment Steam is telling me I have spent 17,614 hours on the Creation kit and I’m sure I have crashed at least half as many times as that number. Legacy has had 110 version updates not including patches, over 1200 scripts and offers over 2400 displays, and has had so many incarnations in system structure that I can’t even think about it.

So in short it has been a long wild journey from the humble days of it’s beginning.

This year alone however has seen the full development of 3 entire generations of the mod! We started 2016 with the release of V15.0 in February, and developed through it as a beta until July when V16 was released. In the 5 months that followed we found ourselves with the completion of V17. It’s really been a roller coaster.

During all this time Odyssey has been lurking in the shadows, becoming an ever growing threat on the horizon (lol). Mid way through this year, it began to take real form as the work that MyBad had started, finally got the next stage of attention from me, and we coordinated some more efforts and plans. It’s really hard to believe that Odyssey has been in the early stages of planning and writing since before December 2014! Makes me really feel guilty that it’s been so long to take actual form. New year’s resolutions right?

At any rate, I’ve been so happy to have you folks as members of my little modding/gaming world family and I don’t expect I will be going away from it any time soon, I have mods to make after all!


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