A peek into the future

So I am managing to feel like Legacy is finally about ready to wrap. I just got the final lines for Auryen from Will, just finished fixing Dawnfang’s complexly scripted handlers (for the third time in 2 years; thing keeps spontaneously breaking, thanks to CK voodoo), and I am working steadily on converting a bunch of architecture assets to LOD versions for Odyssey. I honestly am not even 100% sure the ones I’m working with are even utilized in Balfiera at the moment lol, but I suppose it will end up being used by the end.
I recently played through Wheels of Lull and have more perspective and inspiration reguarding the towers of nirn plot aspect for Odyssey and really am starting to feel like a true forward push is about to happen.
So a few teasers to tide you folks over. Firstly a nice 3D viewable posting of Nerveshatter and the Staff of Chaos! both made and preview hosted by RonnieMagnum



Next, BlindlyAssassin, out first composer for the Odyssey team, has finished the opening theme for Odyssey, which will be featured in a full action trailer in the next month or two hopefully! But until then, here is the theme with teaser image! enjoy


2 thoughts on “A peek into the future

  1. Nerveshatter and the Staff of Chaos looks amazing! I love the wood effect on the hammer and the texture on the staff ❤
    The opening theme sounds great, I like the little bits of inspiration from previous ES titles. Also reminds me of 'Deliver Us' from the Prince of Egypt animation.


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