Staking a claim

Well I finally have things plotted out and coordinated for full scale development. I’ve broken the Isle of Balfiera into 18 claims broken down by topography and current architectural features. This way we can work on opposite sides of the island via Patch, using the foundational ESP as the master and not risk messing with one another’s work in progress. Then we just review our respective work and merge the patches into the master to consolidate the development. Then we move on to a new set of claims. Interiors will be easy because they are isolated entirely from one another, but world spaces are tricky when you have more than one person working in the space at the same time. Thus far we’ve pretty much just worked solo and then passed the package back and forth a couple times, but we’ve now reached a place where the bare bones are in place and full scope detailing is now ready.

Here’s a look at the claim maps. Each section will have a summary of features, places, and needed interiors. Eventually I plan to put these pics all through the panorama stitching program I have.



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