On the ground

So I’ve done some pretty productive work over the last couple days if I do say so myself. In addition to sprucing up some more details around the direnni tower complex, I’ve linked up the second interior area so far, which is the Citadel Garrison. This area consists of massive stone halls that run inside of the outer ring ramparts and battlements of the outer wall of the compound which features a close up view of the Adamantium spire as it drives through the compound and deep within the earth. The halls are lined with several small rooms for the protectors of the citadel (the last remnants of the once great Direnni Clan), and marks the passage into the main compound past the spire itself. I also took a few more on the ground shots to highlight some of MyBad’s amazing feature work and some of my new additions. So enjoy, there will be much more to come.


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