An open (closed) letter to Paul

So as many of you know I have long been annoyed as hell about the Nexus’ hot file list and how it operates. I’ve come to terms that Legacy will never be on that list (except maybe SSE when it drops), because Legacy was a slow build with several betas and never was dumped on the community as a full and finished product from the start, but I am pissed that so many great mods and new mods don’t get a fair shake because stupid dudes are so horny all they wanna do is find eye candy followers to perv over. So I decided to rant to Paul at the Nexus about it and see if he has any thoughts, you know, just because. Since Nexus is doing a site redesign and I am BY FAR not the only person pissed off about this (author and user alike) I was hoping he would have some insight on the issue. Here’s what I wrote (Sorry in advance, this is laced with righteous fury and profanity):

Hey man, sorry but as you are an admin of Nexus and we have a rapport I have to dump on you for a second, and I hope you maybe have some good news for me regarding this concern. I apologize in advance because I know this is in NO WAY your fault personally and I am going to spout off for a moment.
Oh dear god, I am so sick and tired of seeing god damned slut followers on the hot list. It’s insulting to those of us mod authors who spend thousands of hours worth of time modding deeply immersive and involved content just to get pushed out because of some horny 13 year old click baits looking at some 3/4 naked follower chick which the author spent 90% of the time on her tits and ass and picking out accessories to wear, it’s frankly bullshit and so many of us authors and users alike as sick and fucking tired of it man, and all we get back from Robbin is bullshit responses about how it’s just how the popularity index works. Now I’m not trying to marginalize their work per-say, but when you release 36 god damned followers all 2 weeks apart from one another, you clearly are not producing quality. (like that one bozo who posted on my interview comments about follower authors being “overlooked” and then got lynched by several people, which is a laugh).

Now I know that I could block the follower tag and they would not show up for me, but what about the GOOD follower mods that I may actually be interested in? Also if you block the follower tag, any mod that HAS a follower in it will get blocked as well, such as Legacy. Helgen reborn probably as well, and any other mod where ANYONE has up voted the follower flag.

So not only are these pieces of shit (IMO), keeping good mods from hitting the hot list, they are also preventing other mods from being seen at all because of the tag block being the only method to keep these damned borderline pedophilia followers off our feed.

I am far from alone on this, but there is a subculture of these follower mill fans and authors and frankly I think they need their own damned sub section or a clear classification category that can easily be filtered without affecting the ability of any other mod to be listed. I don’t think it’s enough to categorize these as followers, they need to be sub-categorized as vanity followers.

Please Paul, tell me that the Nexus site redesign is taking this into account and there will be some way to see quality follower mods and be able to block the trash.
Sorry for ranting and thanks for listening


So there you have it, if I’m not around after tomorrow, you all know why lol, but I think I have a feel enough for Paul that he’ll know it’s a sincere inquiry beneath all the fuming and ranting.


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