My own person gab box

Well I’ve finally gotten around to setting up a Dischord server. I plan on mainly using it to keep in touch with folks as we develop Odyssey, but also will be utilizing it to work on continued efforts with the Legacy team and just to have a good time and chat with folks. I have a channel set up modding advice for new modders (or old hands having a brain fart like I do lol), a general channel for whatever and a channel for odyssey development which will hopefully if used, will be laden with spoilers before long.

So yeah, just pop on by and say hello, ask a question, pose a problem and I’ll be around from time to time to chat. I intend on scheduling blocks of time where I either have an intended idea to talk about or am just going to make myself available for whatever, so that folks know when they can reach me for a Q&A, troubleshooting, questions on getting their own mod projects off the ground, or just help with some little quirk or another.


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