V19 Final, Final, ultimate, legendary edition, remastered Legacy of the Dragonborn…. (pant pant)

So to date I have used the “Final” tag twice; once in an overanxious grab to be done back in V14 and once with V18. However we all knew that Legacy would never end and as Andy Dufrain said in The Shawshank Redemption ‘…No good thing ever truly dies’

V19 on the other hand WILL mark the end of Legacy… I really really truly mean it. So much so that I am going to lock the comment page and tell my development team to chase me the hell away lol. It won’t be the END of course as people will still work on unofficial patches and do their own addons and such which I fully welcome, but for me, I will be done with Legacy’s development.

Coming by the end of summer 2017, I will be releasing V19 of Legacy of the Dragonborn which will undergo an extensive alpha test and closed beta test with very specific testing goals and then I will be dropping the bag on the Nexus’ doorstep and running like hell back to the Isle of Balfiera where I hear a Thalmor plot is unfolding (har har).

V19 will feature a new, sleeker operating system for many quests, be weeded of all those data miner goodies that will soon be to come in Odyssey but just took up record counts, as well as all the obsolete assets, scripts, and resources that are no longer used will be (and have been) purged. This will result in a much tighter package that MIGHT result in Legacy V19 being packed as a single BSA and ESP pair (if I can come in under the wire size wise). At very least I intend on packing a good chunk of Legacy into a BSA file so there is less for NMM to flub up on during install (that’s right NMM I said it!)

Not too long ago Pickysaurus joined the Legacy team and has been an awesome script savvy author who has been aiding me extensively in this final release of legacy. He’s rebuilt the Much Ado About Snow Elves quest line pretty much from the ground up, set up a lot of legacy quests to utilize the story event system which avoid some mechanical issues with Skyrim’s goofy system just dropping update registrations and has helped to optimize a lot of scripts as well. Without his help I doubt I would be able to stay motivated, so thanks Picky.

Also as previously mentioned, V19 will be released with a companion addon for Live another Life entitled Relic Hunter which allows the player to use an official LAL start as the explorer society guild master. The addon includes a new artifact, new small Akaviri dungeon and starter quest and provides several of the highly useful relic hunter explorer relic goodies to get you started. This project is pretty much completed and just awaiting the finalization of V19 so they can both be released together.



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