Every new beginning….

…Starts with some other beginning’s end. Too right you are, Semisonic. Last night we went live with Legacy of the Dragonborn V19, and it felt amazing. It felt like turning on a series of high power circuit breakers which sent a palpable energy to all corners of our little Legacy community. In less than a half hour we had over 200 downloads of this long awaited package and a buzz around the mod page and the discord channel that generated some great excitement. The end of this chaotic period is met with a new feeling of contentment. Sure there was a feature breaking issue with the dwemer compass discovered 3 hours after going live which I hotfixed, but hey, that’s bound to happen with a ship this big right? Despite the setbacks and the minor issues sure to come (which Pickysaurus will be handling), I have a different feeling than before. Previously when I tried to state “final” on Legacy releases, it felt as though I was swimming upstream, forcing myself to be disciplined (with little success) to step away. This time however I feel like I can actually throw on Sir Jesto’s patchwork cloak, pack up Deano’s backpack and begin my new Odyssey, leaving Legacy behind in good hands and in good condition.

This Cycle of Alpha and Beta testing was pretty fast paced and intensive. We had a lot of great folks come out to help and a few that worked tirelessly with updates, which we appreciate greatly, but most importantly, I had the help of Picky who after several volleys of “Development Update Tennis” where we passed the package back and forth and patched in our own updates on the other person’s previously updated main file, he pretty much ran most aspects of the testing discord and handling of the beta core package and packaging of the BSA. I really could not have gotten this update done as quickly or as well without his help, so thanks Picky!

Looking back I can honestly say it’s been well worth the journey, but now a new journey is to come, and I have an island calling to me to complete. Starting Monday next week, I will be working full force on Odyssey of the Dragonborn Act 1 once again and updates will be forthcoming. So as captain Jack would say “Bring me that horizon”!


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