Welcome to Singbury

Welcome to Singbury! This beautiful, vibrant community is waiting for you to make it your new home! With properties starting in the low 500k’s, many move in ready, the town site continues its upward development with fantastic views, fresh clean water, plenty of vegetation and fantastic front porch access to lovely Lake Medora with most properties. Your new home is sure to wow! But hurry quickly, with the recent razing of Upvale by the Dragon Golziiah and the dread curse in Warwych, plots are filling up quickly and space is limited. So hurry and claim yours today!

*financing available for well qualified buyers. Financing made available by the Imperial bank of cyrodiil with fixed interest rate payments. Offer valid through Sun’s Dusk, void where prohibited. Properties managed by Arcadiam Properties LLC and does not take responsibility for loss or casualty due to banditry, fire, dragon attack, evil lingering curses, Thalmor occupation or Daedric invasion.


On the ground

So I’ve done some pretty productive work over the last couple days if I do say so myself. In addition to sprucing up some more details around the direnni tower complex, I’ve linked up the second interior area so far, which is the Citadel Garrison. This area consists of massive stone halls that run inside of the outer ring ramparts and battlements of the outer wall of the compound which features a close up view of the Adamantium spire as it drives through the compound and deep within the earth. The halls are lined with several small rooms for the protectors of the citadel (the last remnants of the once great Direnni Clan), and marks the passage into the main compound past the spire itself. I also took a few more on the ground shots to highlight some of MyBad’s amazing feature work and some of my new additions. So enjoy, there will be much more to come.

Staking a claim

Well I finally have things plotted out and coordinated for full scale development. I’ve broken the Isle of Balfiera into 18 claims broken down by topography and current architectural features. This way we can work on opposite sides of the island via Patch, using the foundational ESP as the master and not risk messing with one another’s work in progress. Then we just review our respective work and merge the patches into the master to consolidate the development. Then we move on to a new set of claims. Interiors will be easy because they are isolated entirely from one another, but world spaces are tricky when you have more than one person working in the space at the same time. Thus far we’ve pretty much just worked solo and then passed the package back and forth a couple times, but we’ve now reached a place where the bare bones are in place and full scope detailing is now ready.

Here’s a look at the claim maps. Each section will have a summary of features, places, and needed interiors. Eventually I plan to put these pics all through the panorama stitching program I have.


A peek into the future

So I am managing to feel like Legacy is finally about ready to wrap. I just got the final lines for Auryen from Will, just finished fixing Dawnfang’s complexly scripted handlers (for the third time in 2 years; thing keeps spontaneously breaking, thanks to CK voodoo), and I am working steadily on converting a bunch of architecture assets to LOD versions for Odyssey. I honestly am not even 100% sure the ones I’m working with are even utilized in Balfiera at the moment lol, but I suppose it will end up being used by the end.
I recently played through Wheels of Lull and have more perspective and inspiration reguarding the towers of nirn plot aspect for Odyssey and really am starting to feel like a true forward push is about to happen.
So a few teasers to tide you folks over. Firstly a nice 3D viewable posting of Nerveshatter and the Staff of Chaos! both made and preview hosted by RonnieMagnum



Next, BlindlyAssassin, out first composer for the Odyssey team, has finished the opening theme for Odyssey, which will be featured in a full action trailer in the next month or two hopefully! But until then, here is the theme with teaser image! enjoy

Wheels of Lull; final verdict

So after a conversation on my comment section of the original review I posted, I had some time to think and realized that the original review came off too abrasive towards Trainwiz (unfairly so). So I’m re-writing it for the sake of clarity and peace.

Things I liked about Wheels of Lull

  • Item design – items were nicely designed, balanced and very unique. Animations were great and really add something
  • NPCs – fabricant NPC’s were amazing, unique, and diverse in their appearance even among themselves.
  • Lore and Story – The setting and lore of WoL is great. The story is pretty neat and the setting concerning the wheel of creation, the towers of Mundus, the connections with Sotha Sil and more were very cool, and interestingly enough connect well with Odyssey’s storyline
  • Boss Battles – very unique as they all had their own music, own mechanics and there is nothing like them in most other mods. I greatly enjoy mods that offer a unique mechanical approach to major boss battles.
  • Dungeons – While I didn’t care for the specific layout design choices, I love the diversity of styles in the dungeons.

Things I hated about Wheels of Lull

  • Whitehorn Pass: The scenario is frustrating. You end up imprisoned and have to run around defenseless through a gauntlet of invincible enemies through various passages that lead to unpredictable spots in the cell to try and find a clue before escaping and finding your gear.
  • Thalmor Mutants: I am just not a fan of Trainwiz’s warped models. His equipment and architecture is great but the character models are highly disturbing. The key thing with these guys is they are literally invincible which I find really stupid. Later in the mod it’s explained why, but it would be better to explain it sooner I feel, especially since the gauntlet scenario is such a pain
  • Level Layout: The dungeons are very nice and very diverse but they are a bit too expansive in some places and certain areas require you to platform all over the place multiple times before you find what you need. It gets very tiresome
  • No markers: I am not one to generally USE the quest markers, but I do like to have them for when I finally give up and can’t figure it out. With a place as large as the Wheels of Lull, it’s really a pain to me. I could get past that fact were it not for the fact that the mod likes to seemingly randomly kill you in certain places.
  • Exploration is a pain: I like to explore areas, but between the repetitive level design and the lack of markers, coupled with insta-death present in a couple areas when you wander off the marked path, really stomp the explorer spirit.
  • Music: specifically in the last area of lava caves leading to Snow Throat there is god awful muzak playing… enough said.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine story book: this “reward” is a disturbing story (as the NPC states when he gifts it to you) which forces an audio read through of it. I just was totally turned off by the entire idea of it. I honestly don’t understand his morbid fascination with slamming Thomas. I mean I HATE Thomas, but I don’t define every one of my gags around it.
  • Player Death Traps: There are several places where the mod will just outright kill you; wandering off a path, falling a very short distance into a bad zone, taking a transporter to the wrong spot and getting run over by a mine cart, etc. These types of traps are good for a playstation horror suspense exploration game, but they just feel really out of place here.

So… in closing I will say that I don’t care for some of TW’s style choices, but that’s cool, there are plenty of folks who do, to each their own. I do respect his talent and skills which are obviously vast but Wheels of Lull just isn’t for me. I don’t think I can suffer playing through it again, I just found it too frustrating.

Year in review

With the close of 2016 just a few days away, one tends to reflect on the ups and down of the previous year. So for me, this is my greatest hits review of the past year in my modding life

As of this article, Legacy has just surpassed 11,000 endorsements! I can hardly believe it’s gotten as much support as it has. I’m humbled and honored by it. Over 2 million page views and encroaching upon half a million downloads and 80k unique users, and not to mention over 45,000 comment page posts (being the second most posted on page after requiem); are no slouches either.

As of this moment Steam is telling me I have spent 17,614 hours on the Creation kit and I’m sure I have crashed at least half as many times as that number. Legacy has had 110 version updates not including patches, over 1200 scripts and offers over 2400 displays, and has had so many incarnations in system structure that I can’t even think about it.

So in short it has been a long wild journey from the humble days of it’s beginning.

This year alone however has seen the full development of 3 entire generations of the mod! We started 2016 with the release of V15.0 in February, and developed through it as a beta until July when V16 was released. In the 5 months that followed we found ourselves with the completion of V17. It’s really been a roller coaster.

During all this time Odyssey has been lurking in the shadows, becoming an ever growing threat on the horizon (lol). Mid way through this year, it began to take real form as the work that MyBad had started, finally got the next stage of attention from me, and we coordinated some more efforts and plans. It’s really hard to believe that Odyssey has been in the early stages of planning and writing since before December 2014! Makes me really feel guilty that it’s been so long to take actual form. New year’s resolutions right?

At any rate, I’ve been so happy to have you folks as members of my little modding/gaming world family and I don’t expect I will be going away from it any time soon, I have mods to make after all!

Legacy SSE

As SSE is starting to get the kinks worked out and modders are more able to easily adapt mods from Classic to SSE (you will never hear me referring to it as Oldrim and Newrim), there have been more and more people asking for insight into making Legacy work on SSE. Some ask out of curiosity and others out of impatience and a desire to use Legacy on SSE. I’m flattered that Legacy matters so much to you that you want to move heaven and earth to try and get it working in your game ASAP, but I think you are creating more headache for yourselves than is warranted.

I only bring this all up because it is coming up more and more often on the Legacy mod page and I figured I would explain it all right here and now, so people understand and so I can stop repeating myself.

Legacy requires SKSE to function as designed. It will RUN without it, but not as intended, therefore it is a requirement. Legacy utilizes dozens of different SKSE functions in various ways through every facet of the mod from quest functionality, display systems, all support functionality, and many other custom mechanical features. Legacy has 1277 scripts to date, developed over the last 3 years and honestly I use SKSE so interchangeably that I have to stop and think about it sometimes in order to remember if it’s an SKSE or vanilla function, and being so many scripts I have no idea which have them and which do not anymore, so I am not going to try and itemize or assess which features work without SKSE and which do not, that’s just an impractical use of time.

I ran a test on classic, running just Legacy and disabling SKSE, just to humor a recent inquiry about running Legacy SSE without SKSE being available and the result was a 750 page long papyrus log that was over 2.5mb in size. Any log over about 800kb is pretty large and anything over 1MB indicates extensive save damage or load order issues. There were over 300 errors in the log from non GetformFromFile SKSE functions that failed to run because SKSE wasn’t there (GetFormFromFile stack errors are harmless). These errors were the result of me COC’ing into the museum from the main menu, talking to Auryen, running the prep station once and activating the replica workstation. I was in game a total of about 5 minutes.

Ultimately if you ran Legacy on SSE now, many features would work, but I would not guarantee their stability or consistency. I’d hate for people to play thinking everything was working fine because displays were coming up and quests were still being given, just to find that their game implodes from the weight of the errors on the stack or failed quest functionality with the explorers in late game. That would be a bummer.

I also had someone inquire about starting up now and upgrading to the official Legacy SSE later, and while that would be fine from a script perspective because functions can snap back into the system with no problem, as opposed to script properties which must be cleaned or intact from the start, the issue with this is that Legacy will have several core components stripped from it prior to release on SSE and be radically revised. Namely MoonPaths to Elsweyr will be removed and set up as optional support because it’s now being supported by someone for SSE, who I am working with on certain elements and compatibility. The removal of the records from moonpaths between the current Legacy version and the official Legacy SSE release will be extensive and cause massive shifting of record numbers which will result in save game damage. So again, not advisable.

So while I may not be willing to investigate and declare in a list that A, B and C features will work and D, E and F will not in order to prove my point, I would still appreciate if people would take it on faith that I know how my mod works and that it is ill advised to try and run Legacy as it is on SSE without SKSE64 being ready. I think I’ve earned that level of trust by now.

That all said, I do appreciate people’s curiosity and excitement, I’m not trying to stomp on that by any means, but increasing occurrences of these types of questions will prompt more people to want to try and make it work early and will ultimately mean more headache for me when they inevitably have an issue and come asking about it without specifying that they are tinkering with SSE. My biggest stress inducer is when features and elements I have in place and believe to be working are suddenly reported to not be, and there is no logical reason why they shouldn’t be. Bug reports given without full details will lead me to assume that I have messed something up, and that’s a shitty feeling. I take pride in my work … well… working, and having lots of modding Neophytes tinkering with Legacy on their own for SSE will mean a lot of bad juju for me.

So folks, please be patient. I am excited for SKSE64 eventually coming to SSE, and it allowing me to convert Legacy over and start work on Relic Hunter, but right now I need to focus on polishing up Legacy as it stands now so that when that migration happens, it will be as clean as possible. I will not be supporting Legacy classic once it is ported to SSE, so I want it to be working as perfectly as possible before that transition.