Bethesda the thin-skinned giant

So I’m a rather insignificant person in the world of gaming, but I’d like to think think that I have left my little mark on it, however small. I have a rather ravenous following of fanatics and a great group of people who have flocked to help make my creation even better because of their excitement over it. However I am feeling rather disheartened at the moment due to the company which makes the platform by which I express this great creation with: Bethesda Softworks.

Back when Skyrim Special Edition’s Creation Kit was released for beta testing, I submitted my application to test it out and help out and I never received any response, not even a confirmation e-mail that suggested they had received my application for it. I eventually wrote it off to their website not liking firefox as I later had issues submitting another form, and explorer seemed to work fine.

Next enter the most recent Creation Club. I decided to apply and see what it was all about so I filled out my application, the site said it was submitted but I never received any kind of confirmation message stating that it had, or any followup info. A week and a half later, still nothing. I decided to contact Bethesda at their general contact e-mail since the creation club program appeared to not have one that I could see. So I e-mailed to and very calmly and professionally inquired about my application and requested that they confirm if they had received it, etc. A short whole thereafter I received an auto generated response from an Elder Scrolls Online e-mail which in itself confused me which stated that my e-mail ticket had been closed because it was a duplicate. I immediately thought ‘well that’s not right, but maybe their system accidentally forwarded it to ESO by mistake and ESO simply closed the one they received erroneously. That’s probably it right?’. So I gave it a few more days and still nothing. I then replied to the ESO response expressing that I was highly confused why I would get a message from ESO and why my ticket would be canceled as a duplicate when it wasn’t. Response; nothing.

So another several days passed and I e-mailed again this morning another professional sounding but more concerned message about how I had still not been acknowledged and would appreciate a response and what do I get? another ESO response stating the ticket was closed due to it being a duplicate.

My only logical assessment can be that Bethesda has internally blacklisted me from communicating with them. I can’t know for sure of course because Beth is behaving in a rather immature and unprofessional way and choose to behave like an ex who broke up with you via text and after gives the silent treatment. Now I know I have ranted and raved and cussed in frustration at Bethesda publicly many times before, but the burden of professionalism falls on them, not me. They should be compelled to a level of customer service that at least acknowledges their decisions and actions rather than this pathetic silent treatment. If they lurk around like a stalker within the community and search like a paranoid ex for mentions of their name on other community forums, then well that’s just pathetic. There are MANY MANY people who rant and rave and get pissed about Bethesda all the time, do they waste their time and energy blacklisting all of these people? no wonder their games get released with so many bugs.

Now I could be completely off base and end up with egg on my face and this turn out to be some ridiculous technical bug but I seriously doubt it is. So why ban me? If the prior is taken out of account, what do they have to base their action upon? My only other actions consist of:

  • I once sent a letter to Bethesda urging the support of a patronage system after the paid modding fiasco:
Good day,
My name is Travis Brown (Icecreamassassin on the Nexus). I have long been a fan of Elder Scrolls games since the release of Arena back in the mid 90’s and have been a modder for various games including Morrowind, Oblivion, and now very heavily in Skyrim. For over a year and a half now I have been developing and supporting a massive DLC-sized mod entitled “Legacy of the Dragonborn” which has been received amazingly well, had numerous exceptional reviews and thousands of positive comments. I have loved the experience of bringing this mod to the public and still enjoy refining and expanding it today.
                When Steam and Bethesda announced that paid modding was going to occur, I was pretty ecstatic about the prospect of being paid to do something I love. However, as the public response began to grow, and the reality of how it work came to light, it became evident that it was very ill received, not in concept necessarily but in execution.
                The Nexus has long had permission from Bethesda to allow voluntary donations to modders who users enjoy the work of, and I’m grateful for the support, but there is great room for improvement both for the modder and for Bethesda.
                In ages past, artists, both visual and musical, had patrons who supported their efforts by way of sustained support. They were in effect allowing the artist to continue their work, whatever it would be by financially supporting them. A patron was the different between a street performer laying out his hat and playing a tune for a few coins, and a composer who could sit in their apartment and work tirelessly, knowing their needs would be met.
                I want to be that composer, working hard to create content that people enjoy and knowing that my basic life needs are being met, but right now modders are being confined to the category of street performer, relying on occasional kindness in the form of random one time donations from grateful users. Don’t get me wrong, I am very appreciative of their contributions and am grateful that Bethesda does not contest it.
                I do think there is room for improvement here however. It has been asked of Bethesda by a few Nexus users as well as Robbin Law himself about where Bethesada stands on allowing Nexus to integrate some form of sustained contribution system, and the response was that Bethesda is against such a feature. What if however, the donation feature at the Nexus could be converted to a donation/subscription system that Bethesda managed via its own site? The button would link to a simple process that allowed mod users to set up recurring or one time donations from which Bethesda and Nexus could get a small cut from and allow the rest to go to the modder? Perhaps 50% to the modder, 40% to Bethesda, and 10% to Nexus?
                The key differences from this system and the attempted paid mod fiasco is that it is still entirely voluntary, modders get a fair cut for actively producing content, and Bethesda still gets a revenue source that they otherwise wouldn’t have had before, and at no cost to Bethesda other than maintaining the donation system.
                I realize that Skyrim is an old game, and why introduce a new system like this at this late point when the modding “hay day” for Skyrim is over the hill? Well it would allow you the opportunity to see what the reception would be to the public and get the bugs worked out before applying it to a launch title in the future; a sort of testing ground. The system could of course work for any community and not just the Nexus, exactly in the way that the pay pal system works.
                Allowing modders to earn a bit off their work produces enormous value to Bethesda. Not only are you receiving a cut of the contributions and not having to actually create content yourselves, but highly developed mods drive continued sales of the official DLC’s. I have received many comments that a user has only started playing Skyrim again because of my mod, and others have said that they have purchased the DLC’s in order to play it (as it’s required in my mod), sales that were likely never to happen if it weren’t for mods.
Contributions are also purely voluntary meaning it is given after the user is satisfied that the mod is worthwhile as opposed to the paid mod system which forced payment up front for products of questionable quality; true you could get refunds but that system was messy, and an extra step.
Ultimately I am asking you to work to help support those people who are continuing to support and drive sales for your game, and to profit from it. Thank you for your time and consideration.

To which I received the standard cut and paste brush off response.

  • I spoke out pretty strongly on a few Nexus forums concerning the paid modding system and Bethesda’s apparent lack of support or regard for modders.

Beyond these two points I suppose it’s just more of the prior. So if their choice to ignore me without the common decency to say why, has to do with these two points, shame on you Bethesda; I expressed my thoughts in these cases very professionally and clearly and while they may cast you in a bad light at times and been stern, tough cookies, that’s the reality you have wrought with your own decisions. They are taking a North Korea approach to people who speak anything negative about them, tempered or not.

If the choice is because of my other frustrated rants, then I suppose that’s on me and the thousands of other people who do the same, and I have to assume that any evil empire of gaming is going to lurk in the shadows and surveil it’s fans. It’s sad.

If Bethesda had the decency and professionalism to simply reply to one of my numerous contact attempts of late and simply explained to my face that my theory above is true, I could at least move on and realize that even in the mass platform of overly strong internet opinion, one should watch what they say even in, especially in, frustration. But instead they choose the cold shoulder technique which makes me question if I want to even continue supporting their products. I really enjoy the elder scrolls world, and I love making things and sharing them with people, but the honest truth is that Bethesda benefits from that and I have to now think long and hard if I want to continue doing that unless they actually have the balls to contact me directly and clear this misunderstanding up…

And with that Diablo 3 v2.6 with the Necromancer is now playable, I’m off to play a game that has never once crashed on me…. (drops mic)


V19 Final, Final, ultimate, legendary edition, remastered Legacy of the Dragonborn…. (pant pant)

So to date I have used the “Final” tag twice; once in an overanxious grab to be done back in V14 and once with V18. However we all knew that Legacy would never end and as Andy Dufrain said in The Shawshank Redemption ‘…No good thing ever truly dies’

V19 on the other hand WILL mark the end of Legacy… I really really truly mean it. So much so that I am going to lock the comment page and tell my development team to chase me the hell away lol. It won’t be the END of course as people will still work on unofficial patches and do their own addons and such which I fully welcome, but for me, I will be done with Legacy’s development.

Coming by the end of summer 2017, I will be releasing V19 of Legacy of the Dragonborn which will undergo an extensive alpha test and closed beta test with very specific testing goals and then I will be dropping the bag on the Nexus’ doorstep and running like hell back to the Isle of Balfiera where I hear a Thalmor plot is unfolding (har har).

V19 will feature a new, sleeker operating system for many quests, be weeded of all those data miner goodies that will soon be to come in Odyssey but just took up record counts, as well as all the obsolete assets, scripts, and resources that are no longer used will be (and have been) purged. This will result in a much tighter package that MIGHT result in Legacy V19 being packed as a single BSA and ESP pair (if I can come in under the wire size wise). At very least I intend on packing a good chunk of Legacy into a BSA file so there is less for NMM to flub up on during install (that’s right NMM I said it!)

Not too long ago Pickysaurus joined the Legacy team and has been an awesome script savvy author who has been aiding me extensively in this final release of legacy. He’s rebuilt the Much Ado About Snow Elves quest line pretty much from the ground up, set up a lot of legacy quests to utilize the story event system which avoid some mechanical issues with Skyrim’s goofy system just dropping update registrations and has helped to optimize a lot of scripts as well. Without his help I doubt I would be able to stay motivated, so thanks Picky.

Also as previously mentioned, V19 will be released with a companion addon for Live another Life entitled Relic Hunter which allows the player to use an official LAL start as the explorer society guild master. The addon includes a new artifact, new small Akaviri dungeon and starter quest and provides several of the highly useful relic hunter explorer relic goodies to get you started. This project is pretty much completed and just awaiting the finalization of V19 so they can both be released together.


The Skivvy on “Clockwork”

So I just played through Clockwork last night and overall I am very impressed with how it was executed. I have no intention of playing it again or with using it as a home, because well, Legacy… yeah. But all in all I have many many props for the author’s overall design and execution, but be aware, spoilers ahead.



  • Beautifully re textured blue palace elements. The interior of the clockwork mansion was very gorgeous and reminiscent of Lovecraft-esc 20’s-40’s supernatural thriller/investigation style games you would play in the 90’s, which I always enjoyed.
  • Amazing custom assets: The “gilded” characters, and in particular the transport terminal entrance ring which rotated around and had a glowing light behind it shining through the die cut metal icon on the holds; that I thought was fantastic
  • Innovative creepy features: The entire tunnel network leading to the mansion has some neat things like skulls that rotated to watch you, neat camera effects and a creepy stalker ghost you couldn’t do much about. I did appreciate that it was merely a creep out aspect and did little damage to you, but it was creepy enough that you always wanted to keep your distance. The fact it floated limpy at you was very silent-hill esc.
  • Really neat immersive storage system and item transfer system which made sense for the setting. A central depository could be filled up with items and you select where you wanted to send them, which was neat.
  • Intro title: After stepping out of the tunnel system which served as an intro to the mod, actual 3D text floats in the air above the mansion when you first come into view of it. I was rather impressed with this. A bit immersion breaking yes, but as this mod is a “world away from skyrim” type mod, I can overlook that, and it was executed very well.
  • Impressive dungeon interiors. The look and feel was great, but the size and scope was not, which I’ll cover shortly. I loved the look of the places when I first arrived in them. Clutter was great and very well done, had excellent lighting and sound effects and background music. Overall I was quite impressed.


  • There are two NPC’s in the mansion that serve as quest hub/hook NPC’s, and EVERY single stage sends you to the wrong one, so that they can comment on something needlessly and then direct you to the other NPC. I found this oddly unnecessary since in most cases other than a couple, the initial NPC doesn’t really have any useful insight quest wise or story wise really.
  • Quests: The whole quest in general was pretty neat, however I REALLY think that since the dungeons had loud speakers in places, I wish that the NPC’s had sent you on an initial quest to find a device that would allow you to communicate back to them because the dungeon was MASSIVE, and I mean MASSIVE. Like it makes Blackreach look like Riverwood big, and the quest arc made you enter and leave and return 3 separate times, where if you had a means to tap into the speaker system and talk to the NPC’s remotely, you could have cut two of those trips out.
  • Unless you have an external storage method like a bottomless storage spell, bag of holding, ayleid waystone, etc. There is too much you need to carry and too much general enchanted gear loot to carry back. Now you could obviously drop the stuff off after each trip back in the quest, but again, I wish the back and forth was mitigated by some other story element.
  • Dungeons were unnecessarily expansive and repetitive. I really liked the execution over all but if the sub section sizes were cut down by 1/3 or 1/2 it would have been more enjoyable than searching dozens upon dozens of similar or identical rooms where all that was different was the clutter and decor. The main chamber was awesome and huge and that was fine, but for all the sections to lead to other super large areas that were repetitive in design was a little much for me. I was tempted a couple times in the back and forth to use TCL.
  • No real challenges/puzzles. You fight handfuls of new Animonculi which will eventually regenerate themselves which was cool, but beyond that you didn’t have any clues to have to decipher, puzzles to solve, or any real navigational challenges other than navigating through a huge space. The nature of the mod really lent itself to needing a few custom puzzles and I would have loved to have seen what the author would have come up with given their skill with the scripting and animation system exhibited in several elements of the mod.

All in all I give Clockwork a big thumbs up but it has some issues and is specialized enough that it isn’t a “must have” mod, but I would definitely consider using it as a player home for a dwemer-centric character.


Gearing up for the Future

So part of my frustration in modding full time like I am is the limitations of the tools at hand. CK crashes, load times, running out of RAM, minimal video performance issues, slow loads on Skyrim, 3DO fighting with the CK on which of them is going to eat all my RAM first… it gets infuriating.

A couple years ago I bought my first pre-built system in a very VERY long time. I’ve traditionally always built my own systems but it was my first desktop system after making a switch to 100% laptop use a number of years back. But when I got into modding, it became very apparent that I was going to need more power, so I bought what I currently have been using.

Quickly RAM become an issue, which I have upgraded since, and now it yet again is becoming a concern. disk access speed and stability, backup options, and a very sub par GPU are all pressing in on me. The power supply is inadequate to support a better video card and the ventilation is like living inside a furnace filter… it’s awful.

Couple these limitations with the fact I have expanded my tool sets and skill sets with things such as Quixel Suite, Material maker, Crazy Bump, monthly subscription to Adobe CS (photoshop), its amplified exponentially, my hardware concerns.

So to that end I’ve finally made the decision to invest in a new system, and not just a new system, but something pretty close to top of the line, which I will be building myself. Here is what I have in mind:

  • i7 7700k 4.2ghz chip
  • Asus ROG Maximus IX Formula Motherboard
  • Corsair Vengeance LED 64GB RAM 3200MHZ
  • Corsair RM850i power supply
  • Toshiba OCZ VX500 512GB SSD drives (x2) (one for OS, one for programs and working files (still have an external USB 3.0 SATA drive for backups)
  • Asus GTX 1080 ti 11GB GPU
  • basic tower case with good ventilation
  • liquid cooling system
  • Replacement of outdated (and incompatible) Wacom tablet
  • OEM of Windows

So… I present this all to you in hopes you might help me reach my ultimate goal. Either by giving me some recommendations on what I’ve listed above, if you have a good source or “in” to get some of this stuff more reasonably priced than the typical market (I planned on getting it all at Fry’s as they seem to overall have the best pricing), or by helping me reach the financial goal of $3000. Now I know that’s a huge chunk of change for sure, and I’m currently working to save towards that and have about 1/3 of it saved up already, but any little bit of help is… well… helpful and appreciated.

It goes without saying that a boost of performance will equate to a boost in productivity and bring me that much closer to getting Odyssey and other projects live faster.

Anyhoo. Thanks for reading and putting up with my PBS pledge drive style appeal. If you are interested and able to chip in and help in any way, you can make a one time donation via PayPal on the Nexus mod page for Legacy (link in the top right), or pledge any amount of support (one time or sustained) on my Patreon Page. Thanks again.

TOTAL RAISED: $1011.20 / $3000


My own person gab box

Well I’ve finally gotten around to setting up a Dischord server. I plan on mainly using it to keep in touch with folks as we develop Odyssey, but also will be utilizing it to work on continued efforts with the Legacy team and just to have a good time and chat with folks. I have a channel set up modding advice for new modders (or old hands having a brain fart like I do lol), a general channel for whatever and a channel for odyssey development which will hopefully if used, will be laden with spoilers before long.

So yeah, just pop on by and say hello, ask a question, pose a problem and I’ll be around from time to time to chat. I intend on scheduling blocks of time where I either have an intended idea to talk about or am just going to make myself available for whatever, so that folks know when they can reach me for a Q&A, troubleshooting, questions on getting their own mod projects off the ground, or just help with some little quirk or another.

Waifu Warfare

So, firstly understand that this is an opinion piece, you can choose to agree with me or not. Secondly, I have strong feelings on this subject and it will be in depth.I will be speaking very candidly and to some, may seem disrespectful of the authors who make what I call “Waifu followers” or “vanity followers” because I don’t believe that they provide enough quality broad appeal (no pun intended) for the amount of focus they garner.

First and foremost I am neither a prude nor a follower hater. True I prefer to not use followers due to Skyrim’s goofy mechanical issues with them but I don’t hate them. The issue I have is that what qualifies as a “follower” on Nexus is nothing short of astounding (and certainly not in a good way). They are eye candy and nothing more. Sure they “follow” you in a sense and they carry your crap for you, but what I consider a “follower” is someone who blends in with the world, someone who looks and SOUNDS the part of being in the game of Skyrim, not some vogue magazine looking plastic and silicon model wearing an outfit that will result in her freezing to death in about 20 minutes. For me it’s an issue of immersion why I, as a player, hate them. Yes, to each their own. If you want to pollute your game with flying Thomas the tank engine dragons and physiologically impossible front heavy women, you go for it, just keep it the hell away from my Skyrim please.

The bigger problem in all this is the hot files. Nexus owner and admin Robin has repeatedly defended the Nexus hot file system, stating to the effect that the hot files are based purely on statistics and if a certain type of file gets the downloads it needs, it will make it onto the list and it’s working as intended. I totally understand that and it makes sense, but the issue I see here is that the community has a sub culture who eats this stuff up(and a surprisingly large one at that) which is dominating the rest of the community by exposing us constantly to their garbage because of their downloading history. Very few of these Waifu eye candy mods get many endorsements, but they get a lot of downloads pretty quickly at first and then they die off and are forgotten, but not before they have been replaced with yet another one and maintained their control over the hot file listings.

Now I don’t like to condemn or knock anybody’s work really, but the people who put out these followers do so in such a brazenly assembly line, half-assed fashion, that quality control becomes a real concern. They set up a follower ONCE and then use it as a template for releasing a new follower every week or two which basically consists of a new face (usually loli in nature), new outfit (skimpy for sure), and an assortment of accessories and appearance features that are different from the one they released the week before. All of this would be fine, but the stuff is thrown front and center at us all the time because of the hot file system and the fact that they release ANOTHER one just as interest in the previous one is dying out. Every damned day we show up and find 3-5 cookie cutter followers hogging the spotlight. How do they get there? Sex sells. The typical Waifu fan finds a handful of authors they like and every time they pump something out, they download it, and BAM, hot file list. All in an effort to get their jollies. they wanna see the latest body slide/hair style/boob revamp with a practically non-existent outfit and their latest animation packs for exploiting them to the max. They basically reduce their Skyrim game to a soft core porn mag. Now, again, I’m only judging them within the context of how it affects the rest of us, like I said I’m no prude. By doing their daily downloading of the follower they will play with for a few hours until the next one is released, they are condemning the rest of us to watch it constantly. The issue does not lie specifically in the fact that they are getting the downloads to qualify for hot file status, it more lies in the production line model mentioned before. By the time one is on it’s way out, they have another released to replace it.

Not only does it make it impossible to find quality followers (you know, the ones that have CUSTOM voices and took more than a afternoon to write and create), but it also makes it impossible to find other amazing mods because they are constantly being swamped by this crap.

Now there are methods that help but they too have their down sides. first and foremost you can block the follower tag, which has the obvious down side of no longer getting to see the REAL follower mods which you may be interested in trying. There is however an additional concern that it’s blocking other mods as well because blocking the follower tag will block ALL mods which have that tag, like Legacy. I recently removed the follower tag entirely because even though Legacy does have NPC’s who can be followers, it would get blocked by anyone blocking the follower flag.

Additionally you can block nudity, 18+ AND even block the authors of these abominations. But really, we shouldn’t have to go through all these hoops and go to this much effort just to see the kind of content we would like, or even just see a more diverse assortment of content.

This week I released Thane Weapons Reborn and it shot up to the #1 hot file spot and mod of the month standing with 100 endorsements in just over 2 days despite the Waifu invasion! That is a BIG rarity and only happened because it’s a mod that has been a long time in the wanting for a lot of people, so it’s getting a lot of attention right now (which is awesome by the way, so thank you!). There are many other mods that would be deserving of spotlighting which never make it because of the Waifu waves that come non stop.

Ironically though the Waifu authors seem to think that they aren’t getting a fair shake. One of them in fact posted a comment on my Sunday Discussion article indicating they were getting overlooked (bear in mind mine was only the second interview feature Nexus did). Immediately they got set upon by several people arguing against them and what they do, and eventually the Waifu author backed down (very graciously though I might add). This individual has 33 follower mods currently and a release schedule of about every 10 days. With release time frames like that it’s no wonder we get swamped in this stuff.

So… How do we fix it? Really we can’t, best thing we can do is ignore it, block the tags and authors as mentioned previously and move on, but I can’t help but still hope that something else could be done like setting up a “vanity follower” category or splitting followers into “custom voices” and “non-custom voiced”, but that relies too much on these authors being honest first of all, as well as thorough in their representation of their mod, both points are in short supply among many of them. Some of the descriptions just make me groan, and someone who can’t take the time to write a good follower, set up story, get a voice actor to voice them and represent their product well, certainly won’t even go to the trouble of categorizing it properly. So ultimately those possibilities just go right out the window. Short of building a little box that they specifically go in, the only other solution is a scorched earth policy and frankly, I would rather see no hot file section at all than to allow it to be continually occupied by this garbage.

Anyways, thanks for reading my rant. I know I am by far not alone in this frustration and I have actually been discussing things with Paul (BlindJudge) at the Nexus and he’s indicated that the issue will be brought up during planning meetings for the new site roll out and they’ll work to refining how content can be filtered, blocked or categorized better. So hopefully time will tell what solution they have for us, and hopefully it will mean better user control over content highlighting.

“Every new beginning…

…comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Semisonic


These words sum up my thoughts pretty well, and it is with a bittersweet feeling that I now write these words that I’m sure many of you will find sad, many will find as a grateful relief and the start of your own full fledged beginning, and to most they are probably words that do not come as much surprise at this point.

As of the next update which will be posted in the coming week or so, I am tying the final ribbon on Legacy’s package and will no longer be updating Legacy of the Dragonborn for Skyrim Classic. But do not fret and do not mourn or treat this as an obituary. I am not going away, and Legacy will live on in Odyssey when it is released, it will live on when SKSE64 drops and I begin converting it for SSE, and more importantly it will continue to live on in each of you who love it so deeply and those of you who have helped me to continue to breathe life into it each and every day for the past 3 years.

But the time has come to move on to bigger and better things and a series of recent setbacks in the last few versions of Legacy, has made it feel more like a job than a joy, and it has solidified the feeling that now is the time to move onward and upward and set Legacy in stone.

I have always strove to create perfection, and I think that considering the size and scope of this beast, I have achieved just that, or as close as is possible for something this large and given the woefully lacking tools I have to work with in some cases. Legacy is never going to be 100% perfect, no matter what is done to it. I need to finally come to grips with this truth and make it my reality. I need to let go in a way.

Last week I announced my plans to begin development of my own game title and I intend to make that dream a reality. It’s Legacy that has taught me that if I put my mind to it, it WILL happen. Legacy has become so much more massive and so much more dear to me than I ever could have fathomed when I first set out 3 years ago, and the skills I have developed and honed over that time are giving me an amazing platform for further development and growth. It’s given me a basis of tools and skills I previously never had and once upon a time was greatly intimidated by, but today that is not the case, and I feel emboldened and empowered by what Legacy has brought me, to turn the page and move on to the next chapter in my game design career.

The next update for Legacy of the Dragonborn will be my last official update and will be branded V18Final. It will be a repack of the core with the last batch of excess files removed and the current updates added in. This version can be easily updated to with no major issues. It will include reworked voice audio files and a variety of final fixes. From that point it will fall to the amazing community and our awesome patch central development team of SirJesto and JCBQ to help maintain and post the Unofficial Legacy of the Dragonborn patch which will be a collective of fixes and tweaks for Legacy moving forward. When SKSE64 drops, I will absorb these fixes and port Legacy to SSE.

During the time between now and SKSE64’s drop I will be continuing to work on Odyssey as able and when inspired, and will be spending a great deal of time studying for the development of “Voldara” (see Find your Grail article).

There will be updates to classic Legacy when Odyssey acts are released which will be compatibility updates, and Odyssey itself will be developed entirely in classic and ported to SSE, allowing both platforms to enjoy it. Also I will be happy to have anyone create additional addons and patches for Legacy to expand on existing displays for specific content, but all I ask is that anyone interested go through me so I can help determine the best placement and maximize compatibility with other people’s addons. Also I would like them hosted on patch central only. Full mods using Legacy as a master on the other hand should of course be on their own page.

And as we near the end of this leg of the journey together, always remember that when something great ends, something even greater is bound to rise from what was learned. And once again, thank you all for your tremendous support.