Making it out of the mud

There are few things that are worse in the world of creativity than spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. That’s how I have been feeling off and on for the last several months while being bogged down with all this infernal remodeling work around my house, but with all of that now finally done(ish) I’ve set my sights…. and fell flat on my face.

Over the last couple weeks I have been struggling to make cohesive sense of an ever evolving concept and story but as of this morning I can happily say that the crisis has been averted (at least for now). This morning I had an almost 3 hour long voice chat with a half dozen folks on the development and creative team for Odyssey as well as a dozen or so total comprised of some fan eavesdroppers and idea posers (posers as in presented, not posers as in pretenders… but I think you get me). Lots of great ideas all around and we made it about 3/4 of the way through the 9 act outline of the story, fleshed out Auryen and the various plot developments and ultimately ended with a pretty fresh perspective on how it all pieces together.

I spent most of the rest of the day writing like mad to get through the entire outline and make sure that all the primary concepts and plot points made sense, the order of progression felt natural and the desired incidental side elements had a rational reason for being where there were. All in all, I feel like a cloud has lifted and I can suddenly see more clearly again. I intend on keeping this momentum with weekly planning meetings at least for the next week or two to finish fluffing out the story before we really go balls to the wall with the start of quest development and everything else that comes with this ridiculously complicated process.

I know that I’ve felt often like I have been limping along in this project but I really feel like once we get the foundation laid and the stage built, the rest will fall into place very quickly by comparison. So onward we merrily stumble.


Setting my Sights… yet again

Alternate title: Spinning my wheels.

It’s now been a couple months since I have accomplished anything meaningful in the realm of modding (other than an update to TWR) due to my massive home remodeling projects, which are thankfully starting to become more complete than less so, so within the next month or so I will find myself thankfully with a little more free time on my hands. But what to do with that time?

Most would be quick to chime in and say “Why, Odyssey of course!” and indeed, they would be correct, a large portion of my efforts during the day will once again be devoted to getting the Odyssey train moving again and hopefully a bit farther down the tracks.

I made some very good progress, not in direct development this last salvo, but instead in the form of project organization and coordination. I established a project planning page at and assembled a decent sized team of initial contributors such as script writers (code not text), a voice actor director, primary editor, Voice track implementation specialist, NPC designer and implementation specialist and a handful of other dedicated roles. Slowly but surely, this ship will have a full crew on board.

The down side in all this progress is that we have also lost the involvement of MyBad due to him vanishing off the face of the earth, and his work has been instrumental in the development so far and his loss will be a huge blow since this now makes me the ONLY static model designer on the team other than RonnieMagnum who specializes in weapons. So as we progress in the coming months, I will need to push hard to find someone else to help in this task, otherwise I will be delegating more tasks I usually perform so I can focus more on this important aspect.

My current struggle on Odyssey itself is currently getting aspects of the LOD polished up and working. I have a lot of LOD models to convert from vanilla or from custom assets and texturing to do for them as well as a bunch of land coloration issues to figure out AND a possible complete rebuild of Gallowmarket (the major port town) since MyBad built everything there with small piecemeal parts rather than larger building objects. The result is something that looks more custom, but takes up more resources in game and also makes LOD a nightmare to deal with. I essentially am going to need to build some mash up models for larger structures and make LOD models for them as well.

I’m essentially feeling overwhelmed because of the scope of work that needs to be done, and of course the overhanging home remodeling stuff that is still in progress obviously, but additionally, I have another element that is daunting me: A new idea.

Awhile back I had posted a setting and concept idea for my own game and decided that I was going to pursue seriously building my own game from the ground up. The problem I quickly encountered was that I really had no direction to go with the game and was torn with the genre and style of the game. So I ended up back burning the idea for awhile.

The issue now becomes that I just put 2 and 2 together and realized that I already have a fleshed out game world concept, general setting and plot line with all the detail and fluffed out trimmings that truly define a game world already deeply developed which was for a pen and paper RPG game, and was a novel series I had the first draft of the first book done for, but those two incarnations didn’t truly feel right somehow.

So blamo, Gun Mage (the game idea) needed to be made into a video game RPG instead. So now I have this concept also pressing down on me and gnawing at my mind like a song that won’t go away (damnit legend of zelda a link to the past castle theme!!! yes it’s been stuck in my head for days for some reason).

Ultimately I have been reworking my previously developed content and re-outfitting it with the idea of a video game in mind, building slowly toward a generalized principal I can later make into a proof of concept, however the entire prospect of building this game is daunting to say the least and would require skills I currently do not have and resources I also do not have.

So essentially I am battling with myself about if this prospect is merely a distraction I do not need, or if it is the ultimate goal in the end. I suspect that in the end I will set it aside, focus on Odyssey and use it as a chance to develop a few of the skills I will need and gather more developers to be involved with this larger project and then take some time to research more on the plausible systems I will use for building Gun Mage.

I think really I am expecting too much out of myself and am way too worn out with all this work the last few months to really give any good level of thought to much of anything. I need to bide my time and get one thing done at a time I think, so once again, a grand idea must wait in the wings … sigh…

Every new beginning….

…Starts with some other beginning’s end. Too right you are, Semisonic. Last night we went live with Legacy of the Dragonborn V19, and it felt amazing. It felt like turning on a series of high power circuit breakers which sent a palpable energy to all corners of our little Legacy community. In less than a half hour we had over 200 downloads of this long awaited package and a buzz around the mod page and the discord channel that generated some great excitement. The end of this chaotic period is met with a new feeling of contentment. Sure there was a feature breaking issue with the dwemer compass discovered 3 hours after going live which I hotfixed, but hey, that’s bound to happen with a ship this big right? Despite the setbacks and the minor issues sure to come (which Pickysaurus will be handling), I have a different feeling than before. Previously when I tried to state “final” on Legacy releases, it felt as though I was swimming upstream, forcing myself to be disciplined (with little success) to step away. This time however I feel like I can actually throw on Sir Jesto’s patchwork cloak, pack up Deano’s backpack and begin my new Odyssey, leaving Legacy behind in good hands and in good condition.

This Cycle of Alpha and Beta testing was pretty fast paced and intensive. We had a lot of great folks come out to help and a few that worked tirelessly with updates, which we appreciate greatly, but most importantly, I had the help of Picky who after several volleys of “Development Update Tennis” where we passed the package back and forth and patched in our own updates on the other person’s previously updated main file, he pretty much ran most aspects of the testing discord and handling of the beta core package and packaging of the BSA. I really could not have gotten this update done as quickly or as well without his help, so thanks Picky!

Looking back I can honestly say it’s been well worth the journey, but now a new journey is to come, and I have an island calling to me to complete. Starting Monday next week, I will be working full force on Odyssey of the Dragonborn Act 1 once again and updates will be forthcoming. So as captain Jack would say “Bring me that horizon”!

Legacy of the Dragonborn -Remastered

Legacy has always been pretty well polished and optimized over the years with various patches and addons to tweak and perfect every little aspect of the mod, so when I say to you that Legacy V19 will make all of our efforts thus far look haphazard, that’s an understatement.

Thanks to the very dedicated help of Pickysaurus, we have literally re-invented Legacy, having re-written several quests, some from the ground up. I’ve re-engineered various systems to work more effectively and Picky has helped streamline some script functions and has been a digital gardener when it comes to old outdated scripts and voice assets. Tearing out the old and leaving only the healthy and useful. Basically we took a bad-ass classic sports car and did a complete degrease, detailing, re-lube and wash and hot wax of the entire thing.

Aelarr is back with an offer to do a more up-to-date text editing and typo fix which will be implemented in the final release. The package will be neat and tight with a BSA containing most of the assets for the mod. The textures will be optimized at 1K inside the core package with 512 and 2K options available as well. NMM will no longer curl itself into a little ball and cry for it’s mommy when trying to install this monster (hopefully). This entire project truly is incredibly exciting for me to see come to fruition.

And the icing on the cake of course, the brand new Live another Life addon for Legacy which gives you a new explorer’s society guildmaster start for the game, in order to encourage folks to take the plunge with one final grand play through with this new beginning.

I will state more clearly; Legacy V19 remastered WILL require a fresh start. It will be VERY obvious and be written in many many places, so we will not be accepting any excuses when people come to the mod page for help and it becomes evident people have attempted an update. So many moving parts of Legacy have been adapted and rebuilt that even script cleaning will not suffice.

So once V19 remastered goes live, I will be stepping away from Legacy and leaving it in the very capable hands of my partner in crime on V19; pickysaurus who will be addressing any unseen issues and provide critical fix patches as needed over the weeks that follow it’s release. Once the inevitable wave of minor bugs are addressed and it’s patched cleanly, I will consider Legacy 100% done.

Then comes an even greater Odyssey, which I have taken short trips in preparation for over the last year or so, but now is the real push forward. With the help of a few active individuals I am going to be heading full steam into completing Odyssey Act 1, which has been a labor of love for as long as Legacy has been in the works almost. MyBad, RonnieMagnum and I have been working behind the scenes for years on this project and it will see the light of day sooner rather than later.

I also have had a lot of time to think about Skyrim Special Edition (SSE) and SKSE64 and how it pertains to Legacy and Odyssey’s future development, and these are my thoughts on the subject. SKSE64 is dead in the water currently. The original core 4-some that built SKSE is down to one person and that person is even no longer actively working on the project until more people can be found to breathe life into it. There are a good handful of capable coders out there who can and eventually may step up and take the reigns but right now in this present time I have to view it as dead and not to expect it. If it does come around eventually, it will save me a lot of work. If it doesn’t I need to plan for that eventuality as well.

If SKSE64 indeed does not get released in the next year let’s say, I have to examine what to do concerning Legacy. Some of you may know that I have no interest in SSE, no drive to put forth any effort for it, mainly because of how Bethesda has basically exploited the modding community to try and drive them to create content for their console launch of SSE. Compound that with the fact that they have blacklisted me from communicating with them because they clearly spend more time lurking and stalking the modding community than they spend developing their development software, leaves me with no interest whatsoever in SSE. Does that mean SSE will not have a Legacy release? not necessarily, but like SKSE64, do not expect it any time soon. I intend to ride things out and work on Odyssey. Once Odyssey Act 1 is released I will assess where we are again and if SKSE64 is no closer to being released or has no driving force to making it a reality, I will probably vest a little time and port Legacy to SSE and begin the long process of recompiling each script in order to strip SKSE functionality from them. Once this happens we can pass the meshes from V19 through the SSEOptimizer and be ready to pack up. Hopefully by the time Odyssey Act 1 comes out SKSE64 will be out and the job will be easy and I can avoid having to re-engineer dozens of scripts, if not, then I’ll have to appraise my level of interest at porting it come that time. In the meanwhile Odyssey and all future projects from me will continue to be released on Classic Skyrim, and potentially ported later.

Additionally, the rumored upcoming release of a Windows 10 directx memory limitation fix could blow the roof off of Skyrim Classic and open up a huge array of possibilities, which will further dampen any interest in involving myself with SSE.

So ultimately lots happening and a lot to think about.

Voice acting 101

So I don’t for one second pretend to be a great voice actor or even an aspiring pro or anything like that. I think overall I do a descent job, but more importantly I understand the basic principles of good voice acting from an acting, directing, and mod author perspective, and so this little guide is going to be like a primer for anyone who would like to get into voice acting but isn’t sure how.

What you need

  • A microphone
  • Audacity (or similar sound software)
  • Quiet space
  • willingness to sound like an ass

1- Microphones

Mics come in a very broad and range from $20 to $2000 or more. Ultimately you don’t need to spend much but you need one that is going to give decent results. The two features you really need are Cardioid mode (also known as Uni-directional) which picks up sounds right in front of it and cancels out sounds from around the room better. The second thing is the frequency range needs to pick up the full spectrum of sound range. The Blue Yeti silver I linked above does 20hz – 20Khz which is perfectly fine. Other more expensive mics will have higher high ranges and lower low ranges but 20hz – 20Khz is the apt range the human ear can actually pick up, so paying more for better frequency range is a waste of money.

It is also smart to get a pop filter, which is a device that acts as a barrier between your mouth and the mic which blocks air flow from you to the mic which results in popping sounds in the recording. Hard P and T and K type sounds will cause pops if spoken close to the mic, and the pop filter prevents this. A sock put over the top of the mic also works in a pinch and does a pretty good job, but you are already going to sound like an ass doing your goofy voices, so may as well LOOK professional while doing it and invest the extra $15 am I right?

2- Recording and Editing software.

I use Audacity (linked above). It’s free, it’s simple to figure out, has quite a few features and filters and what not and does everything you could need for basic voice acting. There are again, some high end pieces of software that can help make voices shift gender entirely and 100% believably and have hundreds of extra bells and whistles but in most cases it’s overkill. All you need is a software that can utilize MP3, WAV, mono, stereo, the proper response range of 44100hz and 16 bit and Audacity does all of this and more. It allows you to cut and paste and snip and trim and amplify and reduce, change pitch and tempo, apply reverb and echo effects, reduce them, do noise reduction, fade in and outs, and a lot more that I rarely ever use or even have honestly. It’s well rounded and does the trick nicely.

3- Quiet space.

This is vital. The smaller the space the better, or a room with a lot of clutter in it to absorb bouncing sound waves. If you don’t have a padded recording room with acoustic insulation, don’t worry, you are not alone. I recorded my first voice acted lines inside the cab of my Ford Ranger using my iPhone (which surprisingly had a great recording quality). So really confined is the best thing for voice acting.

One other alternative is to use a laptop in a closet. I’m sure you’ll get goofy looks if anyone happens to come along and open the door to find you sitting cross-legged on the floor talking like a dark elf, but hey it’ll make an amusing story.

Another method is to make your own cone of silence. Those who have ever watched the TV classic “Get Smart” will know what I mean, but this method is much more effective I think.

  • Get a cardboard box that can go over your head and your monitor and mic while sitting at the computer.
  • Get some styrofoam to line the inside of the box. Home depot has a pack of several 1 inch thick sheets that is more than ample for about $10
  • Line the styrofoam with felt (optional, use the cheapest stuff you can get on sale at Joanne fabric or similar craft store).

This setup will compensate for your microphone’s lack in unidirectional cancellation if you don’t have a $100+ mic. If using a headset mic or something below the Blue Yeti Silver model, this will help shore up any lack in white noise cancellation and also prevent echo reverb.

4- Willingness to sound like as ass:

This is a big one, and as funny as it may sound, I really am serious about this as an element in voice acting. To be a good voice actor you really need to be willing to go over the top.

It’s just like you are taught in theater class in high school or in acting classes; GO BIG OR GO HOME. Just let loose, over accentuate and pronounce your words, use exaggerated elocution, focus on moving your mouth in excess of what feels normal in an effort to push the words out as clearly and dramatically as possible. It will feel weird and sound over the top when it comes out but when you play it back, it will sound great.

Also, it’s exhausting. Anyone who thinks that voice acting is easy hasn’t done it or isn’t doing it right. Voice acting takes extreme energy, even to play a subdued character because even though you don’t have the physical movement to deal with, you are limited to convey the thoughts and feelings of the lines through your voice alone, no blocking, no facial expressions and no makeup or costumes to aid you, so it’s all in the line delivery.

Recording a Demo

Once you have your toys in order you need to show people what you can do. Practice a bit and figure out what you are comfortable with. Are you aiming for extravagant characters like Golem or Cicero or are you aiming for more average sounding people? Can you do very characterized race types like Khajiit or Lizardmen of some sort or prefer humans? Can you do accents or simply American standard? These are all things you should explore before making a demo. Once you feel comfortable with your ranges, record them. If you are doing a generalized reel for a variety of possible purposes, then make your reel as diverse as possible. If you are aiming for roles with a specific video game such as Skyrim, then stick to character types in that realm. You can do lines from pre-scripted lines from the game at hand, or simply make up some on the fly or prior to recording. Just ensure you show the range you are capable of and please god, no Skyrim guard sweetroll lines, they are passe and nobody is looking for guards to hire really. Most modders want something that sounds unique but still immersive, we don’t need more bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impressionists.

Finding a project

Mod authors are looking for voice actors all the time, so just look around and you are sure to find them. You also can post openly on recruiting boards and post links to your demo (soundcloud is a good place to host them). When looking to work for a specific modder or project, it’s best to simply submit a link directly to them and offer your services. Don’t waste your time or theirs by asking for a specific set of lines to audition with. It’s best to show your diverse capabilities in a sort of ‘sample tray’ format and if they think you are good for a particular role or two, they will likely follow up by asking for you to read for a specific lead character part or simply give you batches of lines for general NPC’s and tell you to “mix it up and have fun”. Be open to being creative. Some mod authors like myself will encourage or even prefer that voice actors improvise some elements of their work at times when it comes to general NPC’s. Granted if a specific script is given, you should read it verbatim )barring any typos or mistakes), but in the case of large projects which have general NPC’s getting creative and giving some extra general lines above what is specifically requested is always a welcome plus. Just be careful not to confuse “creative supplementation” with “unsanctioned rewriting”. I always appreciate when my VA’s (voice actors) fix an obvious problem and let me know about it when they deliver the finished lines, or when they double check if unsure so they can get it right the first time.

Post production and Direction

Once you have recorded your raw lines of dialog for a mod, make sure you have an understanding of the formats the mod author prefers. Do they want individual files for each line? do they want everything all in one track file when possible? Do they like having multiple takes of each line with varied delivery and tone to choose from or prefer to have you deliver what you feel is the best take. Know these things before you record to save yourself some time in retakes. Also be open to retakes. Sometimes it will be an issue of intonation or meaning that is misunderstood from the text provided which the author needs to clarify and other times it will be typo related. Sometimes it may be the author wanting a slightly different delivery and giving you direction, and other times it could even be that they re-wrote part of a scene. Don’t ever take these pieces of feedback as personal or even as negative; you are working together to make a better product in the end and the author has a distinct vision for it. If you have ideas or insight and the author is open minded to collaboration then by all means discuss character motivation and the like to get a better understanding and ultimately results. In the end the product will be better and your skills will grow as well.

Bethesda the thin-skinned giant

So I’m a rather insignificant person in the world of gaming, but I’d like to think think that I have left my little mark on it, however small. I have a rather ravenous following of fanatics and a great group of people who have flocked to help make my creation even better because of their excitement over it. However I am feeling rather disheartened at the moment due to the company which makes the platform by which I express this great creation with: Bethesda Softworks.

Back when Skyrim Special Edition’s Creation Kit was released for beta testing, I submitted my application to test it out and help out and I never received any response, not even a confirmation e-mail that suggested they had received my application for it. I eventually wrote it off to their website not liking firefox as I later had issues submitting another form, and explorer seemed to work fine.

Next enter the most recent Creation Club. I decided to apply and see what it was all about so I filled out my application, the site said it was submitted but I never received any kind of confirmation message stating that it had, or any followup info. A week and a half later, still nothing. I decided to contact Bethesda at their general contact e-mail since the creation club program appeared to not have one that I could see. So I e-mailed to and very calmly and professionally inquired about my application and requested that they confirm if they had received it, etc. A short whole thereafter I received an auto generated response from an Elder Scrolls Online e-mail which in itself confused me which stated that my e-mail ticket had been closed because it was a duplicate. I immediately thought ‘well that’s not right, but maybe their system accidentally forwarded it to ESO by mistake and ESO simply closed the one they received erroneously. That’s probably it right?’. So I gave it a few more days and still nothing. I then replied to the ESO response expressing that I was highly confused why I would get a message from ESO and why my ticket would be canceled as a duplicate when it wasn’t. Response; nothing.

So another several days passed and I e-mailed again this morning another professional sounding but more concerned message about how I had still not been acknowledged and would appreciate a response and what do I get? another ESO response stating the ticket was closed due to it being a duplicate.

My only logical assessment can be that Bethesda has internally blacklisted me from communicating with them. I can’t know for sure of course because Beth is behaving in a rather immature and unprofessional way and choose to behave like an ex who broke up with you via text and after gives the silent treatment. Now I know I have ranted and raved and cussed in frustration at Bethesda publicly many times before, but the burden of professionalism falls on them, not me. They should be compelled to a level of customer service that at least acknowledges their decisions and actions rather than this pathetic silent treatment. If they lurk around like a stalker within the community and search like a paranoid ex for mentions of their name on other community forums, then well that’s just pathetic. There are MANY MANY people who rant and rave and get pissed about Bethesda all the time, do they waste their time and energy blacklisting all of these people? no wonder their games get released with so many bugs.

Now I could be completely off base and end up with egg on my face and this turn out to be some ridiculous technical bug but I seriously doubt it is. So why ban me? If the prior is taken out of account, what do they have to base their action upon? My only other actions consist of:

  • I once sent a letter to Bethesda urging the support of a patronage system after the paid modding fiasco:
Good day,
My name is Travis Brown (Icecreamassassin on the Nexus). I have long been a fan of Elder Scrolls games since the release of Arena back in the mid 90’s and have been a modder for various games including Morrowind, Oblivion, and now very heavily in Skyrim. For over a year and a half now I have been developing and supporting a massive DLC-sized mod entitled “Legacy of the Dragonborn” which has been received amazingly well, had numerous exceptional reviews and thousands of positive comments. I have loved the experience of bringing this mod to the public and still enjoy refining and expanding it today.
                When Steam and Bethesda announced that paid modding was going to occur, I was pretty ecstatic about the prospect of being paid to do something I love. However, as the public response began to grow, and the reality of how it work came to light, it became evident that it was very ill received, not in concept necessarily but in execution.
                The Nexus has long had permission from Bethesda to allow voluntary donations to modders who users enjoy the work of, and I’m grateful for the support, but there is great room for improvement both for the modder and for Bethesda.
                In ages past, artists, both visual and musical, had patrons who supported their efforts by way of sustained support. They were in effect allowing the artist to continue their work, whatever it would be by financially supporting them. A patron was the different between a street performer laying out his hat and playing a tune for a few coins, and a composer who could sit in their apartment and work tirelessly, knowing their needs would be met.
                I want to be that composer, working hard to create content that people enjoy and knowing that my basic life needs are being met, but right now modders are being confined to the category of street performer, relying on occasional kindness in the form of random one time donations from grateful users. Don’t get me wrong, I am very appreciative of their contributions and am grateful that Bethesda does not contest it.
                I do think there is room for improvement here however. It has been asked of Bethesda by a few Nexus users as well as Robbin Law himself about where Bethesada stands on allowing Nexus to integrate some form of sustained contribution system, and the response was that Bethesda is against such a feature. What if however, the donation feature at the Nexus could be converted to a donation/subscription system that Bethesda managed via its own site? The button would link to a simple process that allowed mod users to set up recurring or one time donations from which Bethesda and Nexus could get a small cut from and allow the rest to go to the modder? Perhaps 50% to the modder, 40% to Bethesda, and 10% to Nexus?
                The key differences from this system and the attempted paid mod fiasco is that it is still entirely voluntary, modders get a fair cut for actively producing content, and Bethesda still gets a revenue source that they otherwise wouldn’t have had before, and at no cost to Bethesda other than maintaining the donation system.
                I realize that Skyrim is an old game, and why introduce a new system like this at this late point when the modding “hay day” for Skyrim is over the hill? Well it would allow you the opportunity to see what the reception would be to the public and get the bugs worked out before applying it to a launch title in the future; a sort of testing ground. The system could of course work for any community and not just the Nexus, exactly in the way that the pay pal system works.
                Allowing modders to earn a bit off their work produces enormous value to Bethesda. Not only are you receiving a cut of the contributions and not having to actually create content yourselves, but highly developed mods drive continued sales of the official DLC’s. I have received many comments that a user has only started playing Skyrim again because of my mod, and others have said that they have purchased the DLC’s in order to play it (as it’s required in my mod), sales that were likely never to happen if it weren’t for mods.
Contributions are also purely voluntary meaning it is given after the user is satisfied that the mod is worthwhile as opposed to the paid mod system which forced payment up front for products of questionable quality; true you could get refunds but that system was messy, and an extra step.
Ultimately I am asking you to work to help support those people who are continuing to support and drive sales for your game, and to profit from it. Thank you for your time and consideration.

To which I received the standard cut and paste brush off response.

  • I spoke out pretty strongly on a few Nexus forums concerning the paid modding system and Bethesda’s apparent lack of support or regard for modders.

Beyond these two points I suppose it’s just more of the prior. So if their choice to ignore me without the common decency to say why, has to do with these two points, shame on you Bethesda; I expressed my thoughts in these cases very professionally and clearly and while they may cast you in a bad light at times and been stern, tough cookies, that’s the reality you have wrought with your own decisions. They are taking a North Korea approach to people who speak anything negative about them, tempered or not.

If the choice is because of my other frustrated rants, then I suppose that’s on me and the thousands of other people who do the same, and I have to assume that any evil empire of gaming is going to lurk in the shadows and surveil it’s fans. It’s sad.

If Bethesda had the decency and professionalism to simply reply to one of my numerous contact attempts of late and simply explained to my face that my theory above is true, I could at least move on and realize that even in the mass platform of overly strong internet opinion, one should watch what they say even in, especially in, frustration. But instead they choose the cold shoulder technique which makes me question if I want to even continue supporting their products. I really enjoy the elder scrolls world, and I love making things and sharing them with people, but the honest truth is that Bethesda benefits from that and I have to now think long and hard if I want to continue doing that unless they actually have the balls to contact me directly and clear this misunderstanding up…

And with that Diablo 3 v2.6 with the Necromancer is now playable, I’m off to play a game that has never once crashed on me…. (drops mic)

V19 Final, Final, ultimate, legendary edition, remastered Legacy of the Dragonborn…. (pant pant)

So to date I have used the “Final” tag twice; once in an overanxious grab to be done back in V14 and once with V18. However we all knew that Legacy would never end and as Andy Dufrain said in The Shawshank Redemption ‘…No good thing ever truly dies’

V19 on the other hand WILL mark the end of Legacy… I really really truly mean it. So much so that I am going to lock the comment page and tell my development team to chase me the hell away lol. It won’t be the END of course as people will still work on unofficial patches and do their own addons and such which I fully welcome, but for me, I will be done with Legacy’s development.

Coming by the end of summer 2017, I will be releasing V19 of Legacy of the Dragonborn which will undergo an extensive alpha test and closed beta test with very specific testing goals and then I will be dropping the bag on the Nexus’ doorstep and running like hell back to the Isle of Balfiera where I hear a Thalmor plot is unfolding (har har).

V19 will feature a new, sleeker operating system for many quests, be weeded of all those data miner goodies that will soon be to come in Odyssey but just took up record counts, as well as all the obsolete assets, scripts, and resources that are no longer used will be (and have been) purged. This will result in a much tighter package that MIGHT result in Legacy V19 being packed as a single BSA and ESP pair (if I can come in under the wire size wise). At very least I intend on packing a good chunk of Legacy into a BSA file so there is less for NMM to flub up on during install (that’s right NMM I said it!)

Not too long ago Pickysaurus joined the Legacy team and has been an awesome script savvy author who has been aiding me extensively in this final release of legacy. He’s rebuilt the Much Ado About Snow Elves quest line pretty much from the ground up, set up a lot of legacy quests to utilize the story event system which avoid some mechanical issues with Skyrim’s goofy system just dropping update registrations and has helped to optimize a lot of scripts as well. Without his help I doubt I would be able to stay motivated, so thanks Picky.

Also as previously mentioned, V19 will be released with a companion addon for Live another Life entitled Relic Hunter which allows the player to use an official LAL start as the explorer society guild master. The addon includes a new artifact, new small Akaviri dungeon and starter quest and provides several of the highly useful relic hunter explorer relic goodies to get you started. This project is pretty much completed and just awaiting the finalization of V19 so they can both be released together.