Legacy of the Dragonborn -Remastered

Legacy has always been pretty well polished and optimized over the years with various patches and addons to tweak and perfect every little aspect of the mod, so when I say to you that Legacy V19 will make all of our efforts thus far look haphazard, that’s an understatement.

Thanks to the very dedicated help of Pickysaurus, we have literally re-invented Legacy, having re-written several quests, some from the ground up. I’ve re-engineered various systems to work more effectively and Picky has helped streamline some script functions and has been a digital gardener when it comes to old outdated scripts and voice assets. Tearing out the old and leaving only the healthy and useful. Basically we took a bad-ass classic sports car and did a complete degrease, detailing, re-lube and wash and hot wax of the entire thing.

Aelarr is back with an offer to do a more up-to-date text editing and typo fix which will be implemented in the final release. The package will be neat and tight with a BSA containing most of the assets for the mod. The textures will be optimized at 1K inside the core package with 512 and 2K options available as well. NMM will no longer curl itself into a little ball and cry for it’s mommy when trying to install this monster (hopefully). This entire project truly is incredibly exciting for me to see come to fruition.

And the icing on the cake of course, the brand new Live another Life addon for Legacy which gives you a new explorer’s society guildmaster start for the game, in order to encourage folks to take the plunge with one final grand play through with this new beginning.

I will state more clearly; Legacy V19 remastered WILL require a fresh start. It will be VERY obvious and be written in many many places, so we will not be accepting any excuses when people come to the mod page for help and it becomes evident people have attempted an update. So many moving parts of Legacy have been adapted and rebuilt that even script cleaning will not suffice.

So once V19 remastered goes live, I will be stepping away from Legacy and leaving it in the very capable hands of my partner in crime on V19; pickysaurus who will be addressing any unseen issues and provide critical fix patches as needed over the weeks that follow it’s release. Once the inevitable wave of minor bugs are addressed and it’s patched cleanly, I will consider Legacy 100% done.

Then comes an even greater Odyssey, which I have taken short trips in preparation for over the last year or so, but now is the real push forward. With the help of a few active individuals I am going to be heading full steam into completing Odyssey Act 1, which has been a labor of love for as long as Legacy has been in the works almost. MyBad, RonnieMagnum and I have been working behind the scenes for years on this project and it will see the light of day sooner rather than later.

I also have had a lot of time to think about Skyrim Special Edition (SSE) and SKSE64 and how it pertains to Legacy and Odyssey’s future development, and these are my thoughts on the subject. SKSE64 is dead in the water currently. The original core 4-some that built SKSE is down to one person and that person is even no longer actively working on the project until more people can be found to breathe life into it. There are a good handful of capable coders out there who can and eventually may step up and take the reigns but right now in this present time I have to view it as dead and not to expect it. If it does come around eventually, it will save me a lot of work. If it doesn’t I need to plan for that eventuality as well.

If SKSE64 indeed does not get released in the next year let’s say, I have to examine what to do concerning Legacy. Some of you may know that I have no interest in SSE, no drive to put forth any effort for it, mainly because of how Bethesda has basically exploited the modding community to try and drive them to create content for their console launch of SSE. Compound that with the fact that they have blacklisted me from communicating with them because they clearly spend more time lurking and stalking the modding community than they spend developing their development software, leaves me with no interest whatsoever in SSE. Does that mean SSE will not have a Legacy release? not necessarily, but like SKSE64, do not expect it any time soon. I intend to ride things out and work on Odyssey. Once Odyssey Act 1 is released I will assess where we are again and if SKSE64 is no closer to being released or has no driving force to making it a reality, I will probably vest a little time and port Legacy to SSE and begin the long process of recompiling each script in order to strip SKSE functionality from them. Once this happens we can pass the meshes from V19 through the SSEOptimizer and be ready to pack up. Hopefully by the time Odyssey Act 1 comes out SKSE64 will be out and the job will be easy and I can avoid having to re-engineer dozens of scripts, if not, then I’ll have to appraise my level of interest at porting it come that time. In the meanwhile Odyssey and all future projects from me will continue to be released on Classic Skyrim, and potentially ported later.

Additionally, the rumored upcoming release of a Windows 10 directx memory limitation fix could blow the roof off of Skyrim Classic and open up a huge array of possibilities, which will further dampen any interest in involving myself with SSE.

So ultimately lots happening and a lot to think about.


6 thoughts on “Legacy of the Dragonborn -Remastered

  1. Thank you so much for the update! I have been having fun with the last version of Legacy playing around but I have decided I don’t really like my character that much, so doing a fresh start won’t be too much of a problem. I look forward to seeing the newly greased up car in action! 🙂 And happy for you that you will soon get to move on to Odyssey and see where that takes you. And damn Bethesda anyway for not recognizing you as the insanely talented creator you are and offering the world at your feet. 😛


    1. Yeah I just wish that someone over there would have the balls to be grown up enough to simply tell me for certain and why they have done it, then I could move on. But their silence and ignorance makes me just want to spite them at every opportunity.


      1. Well, it bites, and you deserve every opportunity they are giving other modders that aren’t even half as talented as you. But a selfish part of me does sort of want to keep you as one of the rock stars of the ‘free’ modding community, although I know it totally isn’t fair. I just wish a lot more people would get on board with donating to yourself and other free modders to keep y’all around and able to continue making such amazing stuff for all of us.


  2. Usually a total lurker but just wanted to drop a note to say a massive thanks because Legacy is obviously amazing. Unbelievable that Bethesda are treating you as anything other than a total legend. I literally cannot play Skyrim without Legacy anymore, Relic Hunter has become my default start. Bethesda should be kissing your boots!

    Really excited to hear about V19. Was loving V18 but I have pretty much stopped playing Oldrim since Special Edition dropped because the DX Windows 10 memory issue was causing me to ctd a lot and I pictured Special Edition being up and running with all the mods and none of the problems in no time. With the stall in SKSE64 the news that there might be a fix coming for the memory issue and a new version of Legacy to boot has fair brightened up my Monday!


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